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    Salford Red Devils

    Lui is heading to Leads on initial loan for an undisclosed fee, as part of the deal which will see Tongan International, Lolohea, heading across the pennines to Salford.

    The half-back swap sees both players in initial loan with both signing two-year deals.

    Both of the players have signed on the dotted line for an initial loan deal before the move is made permanent towards the end of the season which will see them at their respective clubs until 2021.

    The 24 year old will be immediately available for selection as the Devils head to take on the Warriors in Wigan this Friday.


    “I’m really looking forward to playing with Salford,” said Lolohea. “They’re going really well this year and I’m excited for this new journey.

    “I want to add my energy to the team and link up Jackson Hastings. He’s been having a great year, competing to be the Man of Steel, so I can’t wait to play alongside him.

    “I had a good discussion with Ian Watson yesterday and he thinks I will really fit into their style of play.

    “This is a new challenge for me and I really want to be competing in those play-offs with Salford.”

    Salford Red Devils director of rugby and operations Ian Blease said,


    “We’re really pleased to have Tui joining us at the Salford Red Devils.

    “Tui is an outstanding player, who has shown his pure quality at international level and over in the NRL.

    “I’m sure Coach Watson will help him express himself on the pitch for the Red Devils in our quest for a top five position in Super League and I’m also very excited to see him link up with Jackson Hastings.

    “As part of the deal, we also say goodbye to Rob Lui.

    “Rob has been a superb servant for Salford and I would like to thank him for his time at the club. He can leave and be proud how he has performed in the Red Devils shirt.

    “He had been weighing up his options for next year and then this move became a possibility.

    “Thank you to Kevin Sinfield for working on this deal with me, which suits all parties.”

    Photo: Salford Red Devils


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