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Found 7 results

  1. Updated: a 17 year old girl has since been arrested in connection with this attack Emergency services were called to an incident at around 3.25 pm this afternoon in which a teenage girl was found to be suffering from a stab wound after being attacked on Paddington Close in Pendleton Police were quickly on scene and cordoned off an area around Sycamore Court and St Paul's C of E Church. A rapid response until was first on scene, quickly followed by an ambulance to transport the girl to hospital. The teenagers injuries are thought not to be life threatening but this latest stabbing comes not long after another teenager was stabbed in the leg in Weaste earlier this month. And a man was stabbed in the neck not far from where this latest incident took place We will update this post as we get more information.
  2. Emergency services were called to a stabbing at a block of flats on Kiwi Street in pendleton on Monday morning. At around 11am police received a call saying that a man had been stabbed in the neck. The victim who is in his early 20's had suffered a serious but non life threatening injury for which he was taken to hospital to be treated, he remains there this evening. A GMP spokesperson said: Anyone who has any information is asked to contact police on 0161 856 1319, or you can alternatively call 101 quoting reference number 730 of Aug 13.
  3. Shortly before midnight (07 Aug) Police were called to the scene of a stabbing incident in Weaste in which a 16 year old boy was attacked by a group and stabbed in the leg. This comes after reports of knives being used during thefts in several Salford parks over the past week. A GMP spokesman said:
  4. A young couple were out for an early evening bike ride on Sunday 5th August, when at around 5:50 pm they were approached by two suspects brandishing knives, demanding they hand over their bike. During the incident the male victim received a stab wound to the groin area. It is believed that the injury is of a non-serious nature but things could have very easily turned out much worse. Police were called to the scene at around 6:00 pm and the scene around the 'Look Out Sculpture' was cordoned of so a forensics search could take place. The two suspects made off with the 'GT Verb Bike' pictured above, so if anyone is offered one like it then please contact GMP on 101 log number 1813/Aug 5th. People are being warned to remain vigilant when out and about in local parks. .map-responsive{ overflow:hidden; padding-bottom:32.4%; position:relative; height:0; border: 2px solid #fff; background: #262e33; border-radius: 2px 2px 2px 2px; } .map-responsive{ overflow:hidden; padding-bottom:32.4%; position:relative; height:0; border: 2px solid #fff; background: #262e33; border-radius: 2px 2px 2px 2px; } .map-responsive{ overflow:hidden; padding-bottom:32.4%; position:relative; height:0; border: 2px solid #fff; background: #262e33; border-radius: 2px 2px 2px 2px; } .map-responsive{ overflow:hidden; padding-bottom:32.4%; position:relative; height:0; border: 2px solid #fff; background: #262e33; border-radius: 2px 2px 2px 2px; } .map-responsive{ overflow:hidden; padding-bottom:32.4%; position:relative; height:0; border: 2px solid #fff; background: #262e33; border-radius: 2px 2px 2px 2px; }
  5. Naveed Mubashar from Crumpsall was called to pick up two passengers from an address in Blackley. At the end of their journey, Naveed pulled up at the side of the road, one passenger got out of the vehicle while the other stayed in the taxi to pay the fare. Naveed noticed a car pull up behind his vehicle and saw five men get out of the car. The man who had left the taxi saw the group of men and ran off. Things moved very fast at this point and before Naveed knew it, one of the men ran to his vehicle and stabbed his passenger who fell back onto the seat. He was stabbed a further seven times in both his arms and legs. Naveed said: About 15 minutes later, Naveed saw the other man who had been chased by the group arrive at the hospital in an ambulance. Naveed waited for three hours at the hospital and assisted the police with their investigations, including giving up his vehicle for forensic tests. Naveed added: “I am a tough guy, but to go through something like this, it doesn’t matter how tough you are, it affects you. It’s always in the back of my mind that I was so close to this man, I was inches away from him, I could have been next. “I had a few weeks off to recover, but I’m back at work now and I’m doing fine. The whole thing has definitely left a mark on my brain, I won’t ever forget it.” Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said: “Naveed was put in such a difficult position, wanting to help his injured passenger but at the same time not wanting to put himself in danger, there is no knowing how a situation like this is going to turn out, thank goodness he wasn’t injured too. “Naveed’s actions helped to save this man’s life, not many people would have kept their calm the way he did. Well done Naveed.” Unfortunately no victims were willing to support the police and no persons were arrested for this crime.
  6. KARL


    The mother of a young man who was stabbed to death in Tameside is appealing for people to ‘bin the blade’ as part of a week-long knife surrender. Rhian Jones’ son Dominic Doyle tragically lost his life when he was stabbed during a night out in Denton. He was just 21 years old when he died. Desperate to stop any other family suffering the same pain, his mother Rhian is supporting Greater Manchester Police’s knife surrender. The surrender, which takes place 21 – 27 November, will see dedicated bins placed into 11 police stations in Greater Manchester. Knives – including illegal weapons or any other unwanted bladed instruments - can be dropped off in the bins safely and anonymously, with no questions asked. Rhian Jones said: “I want to support the ‘Bin the Blade’ campaign because my 21 year old son Dominic Doyle was killed by a gang of knife wielding youths. “It was an unprovoked attack, which took away my only child. “As part of the campaign I want to speak directly to the mums of these youths carrying knives. Be open and honest with them and talk to them about carrying knives. “Please don't think it will never happen to you because that's what I thought and it could be you burying your son or daughter next time because someone was carrying a knife. “This needs to stop, we need to get the knives off the streets. Please support the campaign - bin the blade and save a life.” Detective Chief Inspector Debbie Dooley from the Xcalibre Task Force at GMP said: “Knives pose a serious risk within our communities and the more we can take off our streets, the greater chance we have of saving lives. “We don’t want any other family to go through the pain and suffering that Rhian and her family have had to endure and we appeal to residents to take this opportunity to hand in their blades safely and anonymously.” Deputy Police and Commissioner Jim Battle said: “Campaigns like this have proved successful in the past, taking hundreds of knives off our streets before they fall into the wrong hands. Now we ask the people of Greater Manchester to once again look to their consciences, do the right thing and bin the blade. Please take this opportunity to get rid of your blades anonymously and continue to work with us to make our streets safer for future generations.” Monday 21 November – Sunday 27 November Drop your knives off at one of the police stations below. No questions asked Safe, quick and easy Anonymous Special bins in enquiry counters Open 8 am – 11 pm Daily Central Park, Northampton Road, Manchester, M40 5BP 0161 856 3529 Longsight Police Station, Grindlow Street, Longsight, M13 0LL 0161 856 4229 Swinton Police Station, Chorley Road, Swinton, M27 6BA 0161 856 5229 Ashton Police Station, Manchester Road, Ashton, OL7 0BQ 0161 856 9329 Cheadle Heath Police Station, Spectrum Way, SK3 0SA 0161 856 9829 Bolton Police Station, Scholey Street, off Manchester Road, Bolton, BL2 1HD 0161 856 5629 Wigan Police Station, Robin Park Way, Wigan, WN5 0UP 0161 856 7128 Stretford Police Station, Talbot Road, Stretford, M32 0UX 0161 856 7629 Bury Police Station, Dunster Road, Bury, BL9 0RD 0161 856 8129 Rochdale Police Station, The Esplanade, Rochdale, OL16 1AG 0161 856 8529 Oldham Police Station, Barn Street, Oldham, OL1 1LR 0161 856 8929 #BinTheBlade
  7. KARL


    The victim was rushed to Salford Royal Hospital by emergency services and treated for the serious injuries inflicted to his neck. Police say it is still unclear how the man came to be in this condition and an investigation is on going to establish the exact circumstances.

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