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    Salford's debut in the Carabao Cup will be one to remember after they have been drawn against Leeds United, The Ammies will take on the Leeds at home on the hallowed ground of the Peninsula Stadium.

    This is the first time that Salford have competed in the cup having won promotion to League Two last year after a sensational victory against Fylde at the spiritual home of British football, Wembley.

    The Ammies first match in the new season is set to be at Moor Lane, home of Stevenage.

    The match against Leeds will be a test for the new arrivals on the scene, although they finished third in the league last season and failed to be promoted they are still a formidable side in the league and all eyes will be on Salford to see how they perform. 

    The Ammies are in a whole new league now and the little club which has already made huge waves is set to sail some stormy seas ahead. With the right captain and crew it looks like they could easily ride out the waves as SkyBet have already recently tipped them as bookies favourites to take the League Two crown.

    Manchester United legend and club part owner Gary Neville summed things up by tweeting a cheeky taunt at his old league rivals.




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