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    Salford Red Devils

    The past few years have not been kind on Salford's Red Devils, if we are being honest here I think its fair to say that their woes have spanned the best part of this last decade. 

    But in the true Spirit of Salford the team has refused to give in, refused to stop fighting and in doing so it has paid dividends, lifted the clubs spirits and brought pride to our beloved City.

    What Watson has achieved here is nothing short of outstanding, he took a disjointed ramshackle group of men and turned them into real contenders for cup glory, a real powerhouse of a team who are capable of competing with the big guns.

    The turn around was put in motion just a year or so back when the club regained something which it had sadly been missing for a long time, its identity.

    For a few month back in 2017 speculation was rife that the club was going to drop Salford from its name as it sought to bring in much needed cash from bums on seats with a possible re-branding to Manchester. Fortunately the visionaries within the club understood the core supporters and they instead opted to go all in, a new kit, new sponsor, new badge and an old name.

    For a club which had pretty much written off at the start of the season, they have fought tooth and nail to be in the enviable position they are in now. Even to just get a chance to participate in the final is testament to the dogged determination and the unshakable belief of the players, coaches and their manager. All this even more spectacular considering just 12 months after the club narrowly avoided relegation. 

    And now as Salford stare down the prospect of the behemoth that is St Helen's in the final showdown at Old Trafford, there is a real sense of belief that the job can be completed and that a win is more than possible.

    This evenings stunning 28-4 annihilation of Wigan has proven that they have the skill and the stamina to pull off the job at hand as they easily put an end to their adversaries title defense. Watson's men are marching and victory is now in sight.

    For the fans this night is one to remember, it hammers it home that Salford's Devils are back and about to bring hell to those who stand in their way.

    It is time now for the people of Salford to stand behind their team and support them all the way, never give in and never accept defeat, it's how we do things here in Salford.


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