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    A networking issue has seen people plagued by issues with both Facebook and Instagram today.

    People around the world started experiencing issues at first with the Instagram app and by late morning the problems had expanded to Facebook who own both platforms.

    It would now seem that the problem has spread to the companies Whatsapp  service, rendering that out of action for many too.

    By 2 pm (weds) people were reporting issues with their news feeds on both Instagram and Facebook with most commonly complaints of images not loading correctly being noted. Some posts are no longer loading either.

    Whatsapp users are reporting a mix of being unable to log on and being unable to send and receive messages.

    A Facebook spokesperson said:



    "We’re aware that some people are currently having trouble uploading images, videos and other files on our apps.

    "We’re working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible."


    The company has not revealed what that problem is but Europe and the UK seem to be the hardest hit.

    We have heard reports of Facebook users roaming the streets of Salford weeping heavily whilst shoving photos of themselves in each others faces and screaming "Do you like this, Do you?!"

    We did ask the Mayor for a comment but he was unreachable via Whatsapp.

    Other reports suggest that people are sat along the roadside outside the restaurants in Monton, desperately describing their lunches to passersby. 

    A lady on the SalfordOnline facebook group described her horror of losing her cat and then losing the photo of her lost cat from her news feed. 

    In horrific scenes one man was found crouched behind a pile of bin bags crying, when asked if he was ok he replied "How am I meant to post these photos of bin bags on social media if there is no social media?". 

    One man who asked not to be named told us how he had returned home from the Library to find a stranger called Shaun watching his TV and drinking his Beer. Tony Flynn's initial reaction was to call the police but it was quickly revealed to him that Shaun was his long lost son who he had not seen for years. Shaun insisted that he lived in the house with him but Tony called the police anyhow just to be safe. 

    Salfordian's are being reminded that although Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp may be down, Gregg's is always open.

    Please stay safe people, out thoughts and prayers are with you.



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