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    Purely by coincidence as it is also the 50th anniversary of the launch of 3 brave souls on their journey to land upon the moon (Yes it happened), if you look into the sky tonight from around 21:07 BST onward, you will be treated to views of a partial lunar eclipse. The mid point of the eclipse is set to happen at around 22:30 BST.

    If the heavens are playing ball and the clouds don't obscure the view, as the moon rises in the South East you will notice that up to 60% of the Moons surface is obscured by the Earths shadow (Umbra).

    The met office is saying that any showers will soon fade to leave a fine end to the day. It will stay dry with clear spells overnight, with perhaps a few isolated fog patches forming, so it is so far so good.

    For the best unobstructed view you will have to be high up on a hill or in a high building.

    As this is a Lunar Eclipse it is quite safe to view and it will not damage your eyesight, you also don't need any specialist equipment.

    Although for any amateur astronomers and photographers out there who fancy taking a few snaps, feel free to send them to us and we will put them all on show.

    Sadly we only get to see the partial view, but for Salford expats in much of Asia, Eastern South America and those on the West Coast of Australia, they will get the full spectacle of a total lunar eclipse.

    Also don't forget to check out the moon landing celebrations on Saturday 20th of July when Salford Astronomical Society, will screen historic live footage of the landing at their base at Chaseley Field, Chaseley Road, M6 7DZ  Observatory, Road, Salford.





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