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  1. I caught sight of this item and would love a month of searching the books. I'm down south so not likely to happen. My grandfather was Matthew Rathborne, for a while the General Manager of the Middleton Electric Traction Co. He celebrated the last day of peace at the Warrington Club having signed up 'At the outbreak'. He was soon an RSM. I have an open tree on Ancestry. He wrote a letter to a friend while in Flanders which was published in a local newspaper. It is well worth a read. He is in good spirits despite having the skin taken off his nose by a sniper while caught in moonlight between the two fronts. While I've found his grave, Whally Military Cemetery, I've still never seen a picture of the man. My mother saw little of him and to age 93, was never sure why. The story is on a pilot's forum, PPRuNe dot org. By the way, there was talk of developing this cemetery as it is privately owned. There are pictures on the link. I'll put a link so as not to burden this thread. I would love to hear from anyone that has links to the Rathborne or Bennett family. The latter was Lizzy Bennett the landlady of the Bowling Green on Manchester Rd. Denton. There's a glass plate photo of her and two daughters some posts down. Astonishing definition for its day. Rob Benham wrbenham@gmail.com
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