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  1. Salford was well represented at Sunday’s March with Midwives at St Peter’s Square, Manchester City Centre. Rebecca Long-Bailey, MP for Salford and Eccles, opened proceedings with an impassioned speech urging for change in maternity care in the region’s and UK’s hospitals and birth centres. Also present were Sarah Davies, retired senior lecturer from Salford University and midwife for 40 years, Midwifery Students from Salford University, and many practising midwives and families from Salford who attended in order to give solidarity to the cause. Over 300 people from across Greater Manchester attended the event, which involved speeches from speakers of all ages and backgrounds, singing, reading poetry, and culminating in attendees marching twice around the square chanting and waving their heartfelt banners and signs. I attended as I feel passionately about the cause, and as a mother I recognise the value that a midwife, who has time to properly support a birthing mother, has for the health and wellbeing of a family. # Salford & Eccles MP - Rebecca Long-Bailey The campaign recognises that 2021 has seen maternity services become critically unsafe for staff and users. For every 30 newly qualified midwives, 29 are leaving. A recent RCM survey of midwives found 60% of staff are thinking of leaving the profession. The campaign aims to give midwives support and empowerment and raise awareness of the issues so that change can happen with the support of the whole community. The event was one of 72 across the UK that took place on Sunday afternoon. Manchester’s event was one of the biggest in the country, alongside the marches in Parliament Square in London and Birmingham. The UK-wide petition reached 100,000 signatures by Sunday evening and the event was hailed a great success. Anyone wishing to support the petition and to join in future events, should visit the ‘March with Midwives UK’ and the ‘March with Midwives UK Manchester’ Facebook Pages
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