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  1. With the December election just around the corner, the PM will square off against the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn tonight (Tuesday 19th Nov @ 8pm), as the pair go head to head during ITV's live televised General Election Debate. In a head to head interview based programme the pair will set out their parties electoral offers to the nation, live from the ITV studios at MediaCityUK in Salford. The Johnson vs Corbyn debate will be presided over by ITV news presenter Julie Etchingham who has become the stations go-to host for high profile political debates. The hour long debate will be conducted in front of a live studio audience of around 200, picked from a pool of people with a wide range of political opinions. After a brief one minute statement, the party leaders will be grilled on their parties stances on a range of topics including the economy, the NHS and of course the inescapable political topic of Brexit. Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson had hoped to take part in the debate but she lost her appeal to the high courts and now will instead give her views and opinions the same as the rest of the other party leaders, during separate interviews. You can expect the usual phrases 'Get Brexit Done' and Coalition of Chaos, alongside 'For the Many, Not The Few' and 'Selling The NHS'.
  2. It opens this weekend with 25-30 new full and part time jobs created on the back of the £750,000 refurbishment by new licensees Green & Salmon and HEINEKEN’s pub business, Star Pubs & Bars1. Unlike anything else in the area, the dog friendly pub has retained its community focus whilst broadening its appeal to young professionals and the growing numbers of young families moving to the area. The striking interior now has a fresh indoor-outdoor feel to it with a bark tree lit up with lights in the dining area, together with suspended lighting and foliage, botanical inspired shelving and timber clad walls and glazed timber screens. A brick wall with ghost writing, washed plank and flagstone flooring, and a mix of timber and metal tables and chairs and rustic bench seating complete the look. Pub Owners David Salmon (Left) and Jason Green (Right) The lounge bar has a similar laidback feel with exposed brick walls, wood clad ceiling, window seats with loose cushions, a retro leather and metal sofa and an open fire. The rustic timber floor planks are carried through into the bar which has wall mounted benches with projecting metal lights and aged textured wall tiles as well as a timber wall with drinks shelf. Outside Coal & Cotton has been given a complete overhaul, with the exterior frontage in brick with a khaki render on the side of the pub featuring a mural of a canary and cotton flowers. The external layout has also been reconfigured to create a fantastic beer garden with seating for 100 alfresco eating and drinking and jumbo outdoor games to entertain children. The garden now has circular tables and chairs and large timber benches as well as railway sleeper planting beds. The pub’s menu is based on fresh home cooked British classics done well with some worldwide influences. Stone-baked pizzas are a speciality, made with the pub’s own dough, as well as its home-made pies and fish dishes like mussels and massaman curried cod and fantastic Sunday roast. Also available are barista style coffees and afternoon teas and a signature gin-based afternoon tea. Further down the line the pub will open for breakfast and brunch. Local Councillor Bob Clarke was invited to cut the ribbon and declare the pub open for business. In addition to a comprehensive selection of beers, craft ales and wines, there’s an innovative range of 15-20 cocktails made with premium spirits and fresh ingredients and stunning gins from the 50 litre copper still including Boothstown Gin – the house gooseberry based and botanical gin. And for those customers who would like to, there will be gin tasting and gin master classes in the New Year. The pub is to have live bands playing on Friday nights starting on the 15th November and in time will host tablet-based quizzes. Says Jason: Charlie Gale, Star Pubs & Bars Regional Investment Manager says:
  3. North West Motorway Police responded after four escaped pigs caused curly tailbacks between junction 12 at the Eccles interchange all the way to junction 11 at Birchwood. Traffic was stopped in both directions after the lane hogging porkers were spotted wandering around on the grass verge at the side of the carriageway. It looked like it could be Gam-mon for the police as they tried to coral the escapees back into a neighbouring field but it was no ham-fisted attempt and they were quickly sent bac-on to safe ground. Fortunately there were no accidents or injuries and a Ham-bulance was not needed. It is believed that they could have been thumbing a lift to Swineton. The traffic has now been allowed to flow again.
  4. Candidates have been announced for the coming Pendlebury By-Election to be held on the same December 12th date as the General Election 2019. There will be just three candidates contesting the seat, The Green Party, Labour and The Conservatives. Pendlebury Candidate Name Party Votes Damian Bailey Labour Party # Catherine Bisbey Conservative Party # Guy Otten Green Party # No Candidate Liberal Democrats # No Candidate The Brexit Party # # # # Electorate: # Percentage Poll: # Voided Votes: # Total Votes: # Status: # List of Polling Stations GA Temporary Building, Rechar Way (off Agecroft Road), Pendlebury, M27 8WA GB Agecroft Fire Station, Bolton Road, Pendlebury, M27 8XS GC Kings Church, 431 Bolton Road, Pendlebury, M27 8TD GD St Thomas’ Church, Delamere Avenue, Clifton, M27 8GL GE Temporary Building, Silverdale, Clifton, M27 8GQ GF Clifton Community Centre, 6 Wynne Avenue,Clifton, M27 8FU GG Clifton Neighbourhood Centre, Manchester Road, Clifton, M27 6PP GH Pendlebury Social Club, 609 Bolton Road, Pendlebury, M27 4EJ
  5. With the Christmas General Election scheduled to take place on the 12th of December 2019, we bring you a list of all the candidates who have thrown their hats into the ring so far. In Blackley & Broughton the candidates are looking to be Graham Eric Stringer is standing once more for the Labour Party who held the ward after gaining 28258 votes in 2017. David Jones will be standing again for the Green Party after he managed to gain 462 votes in 2017. The party is hoping to attract voters who are concerned about climate change and the impacts of the Greater Manchester Spacial Framework in the region. Meanwhile the Liberal Democrats have selected Iain Donaldson to stand in the area after Charles Garsden took 737 votes in 2017, they will be looking to make as many gains as possible from remain voters in Salford and they stand an excellent chance of doing so. Blackley & Broughton Candidate Name Party Votes Graham Stringer Labour Party # Alexander Elias Conservative Party # David Jones Green Party # Iain Donaldson Liberal Democrats # James Buckley The Brexit Party # # # # Electorate: # Percentage Poll: # Voided Votes: # Total Votes: # Status: # In Salford & Eccles, the Labour Party will be fielding Rebecca Long-Bailey again after she romped home in the 2017 election with a healthy 31168 votes in the bag, her closest competitor being Tory Jason Sugarman who managed 12036 votes. The Liberal Democrats will be hoping to soak up some support from remain voters, it is anyone's guess as to how their candidate Jake Overend will do as the party did not stand a candidate in the 2017 General Election. Standing for the Green Party will be a familiar name in Salford Politics as Bryan (Nephew of Hazel) Blears will be campaigning for the party who are hoping to make gains from voters who are not happy with the Greater Manchester Spacial Framework, as well as those who are concerned about changes to the wider environment and climate. Wendy Olsen managed to attract 809 votes in the 2017 election but the party did exceptionally well in the local elections so that figure is expected to be much higher this year. New comers the Brexit Party hit the ground running as within an hour of the election being called they were spotted on the campaign trail, all eyes will be on their performance as they stand to take votes from both the Labour and Conservative parties. Their candidate Matt Mickler is looking to upset the political apple cart and put an end to Labours long hold on this part of the City. The Conservatives will be running with Salford newcomer, Journalist & Broadcaster Attika Choudary who has worked for the BBC as a reporter and previously held the position of Mayoress of Rushmoor Council as well as serving as a councillor for Wellington in the same borough. Salford & Eccles Candidate Name Party Votes Rebecca Long-Bailey Labour Party # Attika Choudhary Conservative Party # Bryan Blears Green Party # Jake Overend Liberal Democrats # Matt Mickler The Brexit Party # # # # Electorate: # Percentage Poll: # Voided Votes: # Total Votes: # Status: # In Worlsey & Eccles South, Barbara Keeley will be campaigning for election again for Labour, having held the seat since 2005, the party did exceptionally well in 2017, managing to pull in 26046 votes. Her closest rival was Iain Lindley with 17667 votes, who stood down from the conservatives earlier this year before the local elections in May. The Conservatives will now be fielding Arnold Saunders as their candidate after he sent shock-waves after taking Kersal from the hands of Labour by beating Mike Pevitt in the 2017 Bi-election. The Liberal Democrats managed to pull 1087 votes in 2017 with their candidate Kate Clarkson, who this year will be replaced by Joe Johnson-Tod who will be looking to pick up even more votes on the back of the parties Remain voting stance on Brexit. As for the Green Party, well they will be fielding Daniel Towers who will be taking over from Tom Dylan who managed to pull in a respectable 842 votes in 2017, it is hoped that strong opposition to the Greater Manchester Spacial Framework in the City will translate into votes for the party. Seamus Martin will be standing for the Brexit Party for this part of Salford having previously been a candidate for UKIP in the 2017 General Elections, a man of great conviction and integrity, Seamus stood down as their candidate, after slamming the parties 'odious agenda' and 'muslim bashing' given as the reason. Seamus is most certainly the one to watch. Worsley & Eccles South Candidate Name Party Votes Barbara Keeley Labour Party # Arnold Saunders Conservative Party # Daniel Towers Green Party # Joe Johnson-Tod Liberal Democrats # Seamus Martin The Brexit Party # # # # Electorate: # Percentage Poll: # Voided Votes: # Total Votes: # Status: # This is the full line up of candidates who will be standing in the General Election 2019, interestingly there are no independents standing.
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    Purveyors of Chicken-y goodness 'NANDOS' disclosed that they have signed on the dotted line for a 20 year lease on a 4,100 sq ft unit at Walkden Retail Park. The store is set to open early next year (2020) and will slide into the unit between the current Aldi and Tesco stores. James Maule-Ffinch, senior asset manager, said: This latest move for the company comes after a new restaurant was opened on White City Retail Park in neighbouring Trafford earlier this year.
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    Police are looking for Jonathan Hardman (27/03/1987) who was released from prison in April 2019 after being jailed in September 2017 for wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. Jonathan is known to have links to the Salford and Stockport areas of Greater Manchester. Anybody with information regarding the whereabouts of Hardman should contact the police on 0161 856 5238 independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.
  8. During an attack on Saturday afternoon (9th Nov) , one 28-year-old inmate suffered a serious head injury at the category b prison facility in Agecroft. It it is understood that the man sustained a fractured skull during a frenzied attack. The air ambulance and a rapid response vehicle were dispatched shortly after 1pm and the prisoner was taken to hospital by road and is said to be in a serious condition. On the following day (10th Nov), a second inmate received slash wounds to the face during an altercation, his condition is described as non-life-threatening. Both incidents come not long after a damning report released in May revealed that a third of inmates at the privately-ran category-b prison did not feel safe after 5 inmates have died whilst at the prison over the past year and a half. The report compiled by HM Inspectors of Prisons reveals that data collected suggests violent incidents have doubled at the Category B prison over the past three years. Inspectors found that incidents of self harm had significantly increased and an incident in 2016 led to the self-inflicted death of one prisoner. The data suggests that incidents are higher than would be the norm. Prison staff say that an investigation into both incidents is now underway and have declined to give further comment.
  9. Prominent employers along with Salford Council, have set out an action plan with the aims of working together to make Salford a true 'Living Wage City' and City Mayor Paul Dennet took to social media today to announce that the Salford has become the first in England recognised for its ambitions to make it a reality. The alliance includes Salford Council, Salford University, Salford CVS, Unlimited Potential, Moorepay and Carbon Creative. At an event held in partnership with the National Living Wage Foundation and Salford Social Value Alliance, a new living wage of £9.30 was announced by Sean Ryan MBE - (Caritas National Coordinator for Community Sponsorship). The governments own national living wage is currently £8.21 for those over 25-years-old which means that the real living wage is an additional £1.09 per hour more for those whose employers have signed up to the scheme. The move marks a significant step forward which would mean an average salary increase of around £2000 in the pockets of up to 9433 workers within Salford when compared to the Government minimum, which by all means is a fantastic start. Katherine Chapman, director of the Living Wage Foundation, said The foundation said that overall 16,746 workers across the north west will receive a pay rise, with an annual average pay boost of £2,000. The real living wage is an hourly rate based on detailed research of what households require in order to reach a minimum acceptable standard of living, it is independently set and annually updated. Salford has been striving since 2014 to see the real living wage spread in order to help in its efforts to tackle poverty in the City. Salford City Mayor, Paul Dennett, said on social media, Salford Council hoping that as time goes on, more employers will follow the lead of the likes of Salix Homes who became the first accredited Living Wage employer in Greater Manchester back in 2012. Since then the number of employers who have become accredited to the scheme has seen a stead increase across all sectors. Sean Ryan went on to speak of his pride in that Salford has now become the first place in England to be recognised for its ambition to become a living wage City.
  10. Safe Drive Stay Alive was launched in 2013 by emergency services to help reduce the number of young people killed and seriously injured on our roads. The annual event aims to educate on road safety, challenging unsafe attitudes and behaviours to help positively influence both drivers and passengers alike. While the number of young people killed or seriously injured on the roads of Greater Manchester has gradually fallen since the project started, they are still over represented in the overall casualty figures. This is especially prevalent during the first year after passing their driving tests. Over the past 12 months, there have been 657 casualty collisions involving young drivers in Greater Manchester alone. And over the past 10 years young driver collisions in GM have resulted in 133 deaths and a further 1,384 people being seriously injured. This year’s Safe Drive Stay Alive event focuses on the consequences of road accidents and encourages young drivers to think about the life changing impact a split second behind the wheel can have. It aims to educate on shared road responsibility and be a constant reminder that actions not only affect your own life, but also those around you too. Police, ambulance, fire and rescue and accident and emergency staff provide first-hand accounts of their experiences on scene and seeing the loss and hurt in the loved ones of the casualties they treat. Family members and those personally affected also speak about the long-term immeasurable loss following road fatalities to highlight the wider impact long after accidents occur. The emotionally engaging performances have been evaluated and found to positively influence attitudes and behaviours as drivers and just as importantly, passengers too. It is an award-winning theatre based education initiative to help young drivers, passengers, parents, education establishments and driving schools. The November 2019 event will see around 9,500 across Greater Manchester attend. Chief Inspector Matt Bailey-Smith from Greater Manchester Police Road Policing Unit said: Area Manager Damian O’Rourke, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, said: Martin Smith ED Consultant and Greater Manchester Major Trauma Network Lead said: Steven Blears, Paramedic for North West Ambulance Service, said: The Safe Drive Stay Alive team would like to extend a big thank you to Safer Roads Greater Manchester and the Office of the Greater Manchester Mayor for their continued support and funding for this essential project. For more information on Safe Drive Stay Alive, please visit safedrivegm.co.uk or follow @SafeDriveGM on Twitter and Instagram.
  11. The show, which has been running for three years in Merseyside and Cheshire, is based on grown-up alternative comedy…but for kids. The much-loved, highly-reviewed show includes silly sketches, daft jokes; sing-alongs; quizzes; prizes; weird noises, and gales of sweeping laughter. Aimed at children aged 7-16, there are strict rules (the main one being ‘have fun’ and ‘laugh out loud’) such as no swears, no peanuts, no uniforms and…bring jokes. Event organiser and host Gav Cross describes the show as follows; Funny Looking Kids stars a cast of four, including some of the north-west’s best loved character comedians, performers, story tellers and mirth wranglers including Gav Cross, Lee Hithersay, Liam Hale, Alice Rowbottom and Rob Bond. Gav Cross (who is self confessed ‘very funny looking’) created the event in 2016 for the Liverpool Comedy Festival’s Funny Looking Fringe. He is the host and ringmaster for every show, and a festival and school storyteller around the north west. Gav continues: Jennifer Holland, audience development and events manager at Ordsall Hall, said: Funny Looking kids at Ordsall Hall, 322 Ordsall Ln, Salford M5 3AN, tickets £5. Booking not essential.
  12. Cain Fisher (12/06/94) was released from prison in August 2019 after being jailed in June 2017 for burglary. Fisher is known to have links to the Swinton and Salford areas of Greater Manchester. Anybody with information regarding the whereabouts of Fisher should contact the police on 0161 856 5238 independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.
  13. Stuart David Potts aged 39-years-old of Borough Road in Salford, stood in the dock this morning to plead guilty to one count of throwing a firework in a public place as well as a further count of using threatening insulting or abusive words to cause harassment, alarm of distress. Stuart also known locally as 'Pottsy' was told that he could possibly face imprisonment for his act of stupidity which has angered not only this City but also an entire nation. His actions have been condemned across the whole of the UK. As people stood in silence at the annual remembrance day parade on Church Street in Eccles, Pottsy set off the first of two fireworks from the first storey windows of the derelict Albert Edward pub which directly faces the cenotaph. This resulted in several large bangs and crackling sounds, the second firework was a rocket aimed just 15 feet above the heads of the crowd gathered below. A crowd which included elderly armed service veterans and small children. Some of those veterans have and still do suffer the effects of PTSD due to the trauma of the wars they have fought in. In a photo we have managed to obtain (below) it shows clearly the fireworks (four of them) were placed in a pumpkin pointing towards the cenotaph BEFORE they were set off during the two minute silence. Moments afterwards the same pumpkin was visible on the ledge without the fireworks present. During his interview he declined to give comment other than to say that he was asked to do it by someone else and that he believed it to be a mark of respect. A angry crowd confronted Potts and after shouting abusive comments he retired from the window ledge he was on after a man threw a traffic cone which hit him on the leg as he passed back through the window. In court this afternoon Potts was sentenced to 16 weeks behind bars after the Judge told him that he did not take the view that he had shown any remorse. Potts Laywer, Abigail Henry, told the court how her client expressed sincere and genuine remorse for his actions and that he wished through his lawyer and a letter to the court to apologise to those at the service as well as other members of the community which have been affected. She went on to say that her client was now well aware of the impact of what he did and the consequences, describing Mr Potts actions as misguided. She asked the court to be lenient in sentencing and reminded them that, Judge Mark Hadfield said that he had seen a letter Potts had handed into the court about being asked to set off the fireworks, and that Potts claims he was doing it as a mark of respect. But went on to say that when he was interviewed by a probation officer, he told them it was not your intention to cause alarm or distress. The judge then told Potts that only a custodial sentence would be appropriate as he sent him to jail for 16 weeks for the public order offence. No separate penalty was added by the judge for setting off the fireworks. Potts shook his head as he walked away handcuffed and surrounded by two police officers to start his sentence. Photo Credit: Simon Williams
  14. Stuart David Potts born 10/7/81 of Borough Road, Salford has been charged with a public order offence and for firing fireworks in to a public place after a shocking display of disrespect at a remembrance day parade in Eccles on Sunday (10th November), he is due to appear at Manchester and Salford Magistrates Court today (Monday 11 November 2019). Shortly after 11.05am yesterday (Sunday 10 November 2019), police were called to reports of a disturbance at a pub on Church Street in Eccles. Potts had allegedly fired rockets from the second floor window of a pub being used as a squat above the heads of the crowd gathered for the service during the two minute silence to remember the war dead and veterans. Fortunately no one was injured during the incident, although it could have been a lot worse had the firework hit the crowds, many of whom were elderly veterans and children. The callous act of stupidity has been condemned by the whole of Salford who have been left outraged at the thoughtless and disrespectful actions. Photo Source : Tony Flynn
  15. Eccles has been left in a state of shock after a serial squatter who is part of a group which have taken over a local pub, was witnessed aiming a rocket above the heads of the crowd gathered to pay their respects to the nations war dead. As the chimes rang out at 11am on what was supposed to be a peaceful and tranquil day of remembrance for the market town, a rocket was fired from the second floor window of the boarded up Albert Edward pub which has since closure become a home to squatters claiming it as a homeless shelter. When it comes to remembering those who were lost to war and conflict the proud people of Eccles never fail to turn out to pay their respects and display their pride for the fallen. Over the years the numbers that do so have risen exponentially and for the people of Eccles it has become a huge focal point of the local calendar. Both young and old gather on remembrance day and stand in silence as their thoughts are with those who selflessly gave their lives defending the nation from its enemies. This year however, that silence was disrespectfully broken by a single stupid individual. Our reporter Tony Flynn was at the cenotaph to pay his own respects and could not believe the disrespectful scenes he had witnessed, he told us that he saw a man wearing camouflage clothing sat on the upper floor window ledge of the pub drinking from a can shortly before the incident. Just a few moments later the silence was broken as a firework screeched above the heads of the crowds of men, women and children who had turned out to honour the heroes. From the tell-tale trail of smoke left behind in the sky it was obvious to all where it had originated from, the same upper window of the Albert Edward pub. Tony told us that had it been aimed a little lower or had gone off course then it could have hit the crowds causing serious injuries. Fortunately no one was injured in the attack but there were some within the crowd who were left visibly shaken as many were ex service men and women, some still suffering the devastating affects of PTSD as a result of the atrocities they had witnessed, others were young children that had gone with their families to pay their respects. One lady described it as the most disrespectful act that the streets of Eccles have ever bore witness too, with some calling for the police to take action and close the squat immediately. Other witnesses described how several furious service men angrily tried to force their way through a door into the pub but fortunately for the occupants they were stopped by the police. Tempers were frayed and the level of anger was at boiling point. If it was not for the fantastic job of the police in how they handled the situation, things could have easily escalated and gotten out of hand. Fortunately the crowd kept their composure and allowed the police to deal with the situation. The man climbed onto the window ledge in an attempt to resist arrest but he was quickly pulled back in by police. Another lady who did not wish to be identified told us, Furious crowds looked on in disbelief, trying to understand just what had happened as chants of 'Get Him Out' rang out. As they watched on, the man wearing combat clothing was marched shackled in handcuffs from the pub by police and placed into an awaiting police car to be taken away, the crowds then turned their anger towards those left in the pub demanding that they also be removed. Calls were made by members of the public for the arrest of another individual who had been seen to spit at the veterans as they spoke to the police outside the pub. GMP have since confirmed that a 38-year-old male has been now been arrested on suspicion of a public order offence and that he has been taken into custody for further questioning. The situation still remains volatile with police stationed outside the Albert Edward to ensure the safety of those who are still holed up in the squat, whose occupants were recently the focus of a BBC news report into homelessness. Those within the disused pub are claiming that they are occupying it as a pop up homeless shelter for vulnerable people and for the most part the fantastic people of Salford have been supportive of them, alas, over the past few months that support has dwindled due to a long list of dubious incidents reported by members of the public that have not exactly been too favourable to the plight of those using the shelter. Despite all the disruption which had happened the good people of Eccles once more did our armed services proud, they picked up and carried on. Anyone with information or video footage which could help the police with their enquiries should contact the police on 101 quoting incident number 1183 of 10/11/2019, or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously on 0800 555 111. Photo: Tony Flynn

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