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    The Labour Party

    Labours former deputy Tom Watson has aired his 'Worries' about Salford MP Rebecca Long Bailey on the Sky News breakfast show, saying that she stands for Corbynism in its purest form, a philosophy which has lost Labour two elections so far.

    Watson stood down as the MP for West Bromwich East prior to the December 2019 election which saw Labours red wall come crashing down with huge loses to the conservatives who swept up seats in former long held Labour areas, including his own.

    During his interview with Sky presenter Kay Burley -  Watson spoke of his view of Long Bailey as the 'Continuity Candidate' for Corbynism and his fears for what that would mean for his parties chances in future elections, saying:



    "She sort of stands for Corbynism in its purest sense, and that's perfectly legitimate, but we have lost two elections with that play.

    "But she hasn't said anything yet. As far as I know she has not formally announced, and it might be that she chimes a different note in her opening bid and that she wants to take the party in a different direction - and she's very candid about what went wrong."


    So far the Salford MP is still yet to confirm her intentions but fellow  MP and expected running mate on the so called 'Left Dream Ticket' - Angela Rayner, has announced that she will be standing as a candidate for the parties deputy position, giving full backing and throwing her weight behind her good friend and colleague should she decide to stand for leadership.

    Rayner told those at the announcement of her campaign that it was the 'fight for their lives' and 'must win or die', defending her good friend Rebecca by hitting back in defence at the criticism from the likes of Watson by explaining Rebecca is her own woman:



    “In terms of the point around Corbyn, I take offence to that on behalf of Becky because one thing I know about Becky is that she is her own woman. She will say what she stands for.

    "She isn't Corbynism, She isn't Blairism, she isn't Brownism.

    ”She is Rebecca Long-Bailey and people should give her a chance to say what that means for her and her leadership campaign.“


    Not content with just one attack - Watson later made an appearance at the studios of Good Morning Britain whereupon he added to his earlier criticisms by taking further pot shots at Long Bailey again, this time alongside her potential competition for the hot seat who were all members of Corbyns shadow cabinet during the disastrous election campaign:



    “They need to explain why they keep losing elections.

    "Rebecca Long Bailey was in the shadow cabinet and wedded to that manifesto.

    "That’s true of Keir as well, and Emily Thornberry too.

    “The guys that were in the shadow cabinet have a harder task because they’ve got to explain why they signed up to two manifestos that lost us elections.

    "Members have got to decide whether we want an electorally successful party or whether we want to be pure in that classic ideological sense.”


    Rebecca Long Bailey is expected to announce her candidacy in the coming days.  

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