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    The Labour Party

    Speaking in an article in the Huffington Post, Salford & Eccles MP Rebecca Long-Bailey has called upon her party to elect its first female leader in its 120-year existence.

    It is hard to believe that the Conservatives have had two female leaders within the past 40 years and yet Labour who have championed equal rights for woman in every corner of society, are still dragging their feet with not a single female leader since the party was formed back in February 1900.


    “After 120 years it is time that Labour finally elects a woman as leader, not just to tick a box but because of what I stand for.”

    There are some however who completely disagree with her and think that the party should select the best person for the job regardless of their sex or gender but rather more importantly on their ability to lead.

    And it is that ability which is in question as the Labour MP has quickly risen through the ranks which has led many to suggest she lacks the experience needed to pull Labour from the hole it has recently 

    found itself in after the catastrophic election defeat in December 2019.

    This leadership election is like no other, as if Labour fails to select the right candidate for the job, they look set to languish in opposition for years to come.

    It is important that the party selects a leader capable of not only rebuilding from the rubble but also restructuring the party so as to put it in the best position to take on the Conservatives at the next General Election in 5 years’ time. Being a woman is just not enough, that will take leadership skills.

    Rebecca has tough competition from her rivals but also, she enjoys strong backing from the mighty Unite Union as well as the thousands of grass roots members from up and down the country who belong to the still powerful left-wing Momentum group.

    Ms Long-Bailey is by far an easy push over; she remains a formidable opponent to those seeking the party leadership. Not one to shy away from speaking her mind or using her voice, nor does she hide away from criticism or bow down to bullying. 

    All good, strong character traits for which the women in Salford are well reputed.

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