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    The Labour Party

    As Labour sets off on its voyage to find a new captain to re-float its sinking boat - Rebecca Long Bailey's rivals placed her firmly in the cross hairs, took aim and let rip with everything they had.

    No sooner than the first hustings got underway the challengers to the Labour throne took the gloves off and got down to the nitty gritty with Starmer, Nandy, Phillips, Lewis and Thornberry quickly rounding on the left-wings chosen one with a barrage of blatant digs at her past record.

    During a very heated clash in the commons with her rival fellow MP's - Ms Long Bailey faced claims that she had failed to speak up enough against antisemitism within the party and even that she had made arguments against adopting its international definition.

    The candidates had been asked by back-bencher Holy Lynch what each candidate had done to tackle anti-Jewish hatred in the party, Rebecca Long Bailey responded by saying that the party owed Jewish members an apology but she was quickly rounded upon by Emily Thornberry who used her response to take a pot shot at her rival in saying that both herself and Keir Starmer had repeatedly raised the issue within the shadow cabinet meetings whereas Rebecca has failed to do so 'as vigorously'.

    Wigan MP Lisa Nandy won over scores of MPs with a 'stunningly persuasive' appeal to stamp out antisemitism within the party, pledging to work with the Labour Jewish Movement and members of the Jewish community in order to build bridges and regain their trust, most importantly to accept all of the recommendations of the Equality and Human Rights Commission - something which won her a rousing round of applause.

    Nandy went on to tell how she had raised the issue directly in 2016 with Corbyn when she herself was in the shadow cabinet, going on to echo Thornberrys attack by mentioning that some on the stage had failed to agree with the IHRA definition on antisemitism.

    In her opening statement she said:



    "This leadership debate is possibly the most important in our history.

    "Now is not the time to steady the ship. If we do not change course we will die and we will deserve to."

    "Never again can we get factions and friends of the leader determining where resources go."


    Keir Starmer gave a solid performance using his speech to tell MPs that Labour has to look to the future and not the past:



    “We should be thinking about the end of the 2020s and 2030”.

    “Our party wins when we glimpse the future and we are seen as a force for good and a force for change,” 


    On the subject of antisemitism he said that the leader should take 'personal responsibility' in expelling people with such views from the party.

    Whilst Emily Thornberry said that there should be no more second changes - kick them out.

    Jess Phillips told members that the party runs the risk of being completely irrelevant for the next four years. Saying that all over the country people have busy lives, with lots of noise from one way or another. 

    She told the assembled MPs that :



    "We have got to get them to hear us in the little time they give us.

    “We cannot do the same thing again and again and expect a different result. We have got to be brave! I would be a different kind of leader, no doubt about it.

    "Some times you have to close your eyes and be bold. I am the bold choice, it’s going to take bold to beat Boris Johnson.”


    Clive Lewis used his time to pitch himself as the candidate of democracy, telling MPs that the party needed to tackle the crisis of democracy in British politics, reform the lords and usher in the PR voting system.

    Nandy has reportedly made a huge impression and was seen by most as the clear winner of the debate telling the PLP that if it does not change course that the party will die and it will deserve to.

    After putting in the best performance of the evening Nandy made a lot of ground as the bookies rushed to quickly slash her odds of winning to 7/1 putting her one step behind Rebecca Long Bailey who still trails firm favourite Keir Starmer.

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