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    Burnham warns of civil unrest on the streets of Manchester but would back a second referendum if all else failed. Going on to say that 'Social unrest in the UK could be a price worth paying to prevent the ‘nightmare’ of a no-deal Brexit.'

    GM Mayor Andy Burnham has revealed that he would back a second referendum on Brexit as a last resort rather than see the UK crash out of the EU without a deal but has warned that doing so would cause civil unrest and social division across Greater Manchester if that was to happen.

    Andy called for an extension beyond the March 2019 leaving date should a deal not be done. But warned...


    ‘I think a second vote would further erode trust in Parliament and politicians and there is always a price that comes with that, but in the end that price is worth paying to stop the catastrophic damage to jobs that would come with a no-deal Brexit.’

    He also claimed it was possible the alt-right were driving the agenda to ‘set up a clash in our communities from which they think they can profit.’

    The results for Greater Manchester were that 7 boroughs voted to leave with 3 including Manchester itself choosing to remain.

    Salford opted to say 'tarra' to the EU with 56.8% of those who voted in the City expressing that they wanted to leave.


    “I have real concerns about a second vote

    “It would cause real unrest on the streets of Greater Manchester…But there is something worse than having another vote and that is crashing out of the European Union without a deal.

    “So, as a last resort, when everything else has failed, when we have tried to extend article 50 to get more time, then and only then should we consider holding a second vote.”

    “The shock to our economy and public services would be huge,” he will add.

    “We are looking at double-digit damage to our economy and disruption to essential services.

    “I believe we need to build in Greater Manchester a broad, cross-party campaign against no-deal with the aim of stopping it at all costs.

    “As soon as it becomes clear that the MPs against a no-deal outcome cannot unite around a plan, I would urge all Greater Manchester MPs to support a call on the EU for an extension of Article 50 beyond the March deadline as the next way of stopping no-deal.

    “If that fails and we are left on the cliff-edge of no-deal with no other options, then, and only then, would I endorse the call for a people’s vote on the proposed no-deal departure and encourage our MPs to do the same.”

    Meanwhile Burnham is in London to demand that more powers are devolved to Greater Manchester.


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