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    The Labour Party

    In what now seems like an annual Labour leadership contest, the parties National Executive Committee (NEC) has today decided upon a three-month long contest as would-be leaders clamber to take control of the beleaguered party, a position some see as a poison chalice.

    Nominations are to formally open on Tuesday 7th January and a ballot of Labour members will take place between Feb 21st until April the 2nd with the winner announced at a special conference on April the 4th.

    The general public are being invited to have their say on the parties future by either joining the party in the next few weeks or paying the £25 fee to register a one-off vote. New members will have until the 20th of January to register as a party member in order to be eligible for a vote.

    Several MP's have already come forward to express their intentions to enter the race but they will have just under a week to seek the required amount of nominations from their fellow MP's. 

    For a list of our other articles on the Labour leadership race please see our dedicated page: https://salford.media/politics/labour/ 

    The current favourite among those who have already declared is Keir Starmer with Salfords very own Rebecca Long Bailey in second place according to a recent YouGov poll of Labour members.

    In order for them to take part, candidates will have to gain 22 nominations from fellow MP's or MEP's to see them go forward to the second stage of the process which requires those successful enough to then seek nominations from at least 5% of their respective Constituency Labour Party members or at least three affiliates , two of which must be trade unions - comprising 5% of fully paid up affiliated membership.

    The timetable for the leadership contest has been set by the NEC as follows.

    Tuesday 7 January: Nominations open from MPs and MEPs.

    Monday 13 January: Nominations from MPs and MEPs closes at 2.30pm.

    Tuesday 14 January: Registered supporters applications open at 5pm.

    Thursday 16 January: Registered supporters applications close at 5pm.

    Wednesday 15 January: Second stage of nominations from Constituency Labour Parties and affiliates opens.

    Monday 20 January: Freeze date for eligibility for new members and affiliated supporters, closes at 5pm.

    Friday 14 February: Close of CLP and affiliate nominations.

    Friday 21 February: Ballot opens.

    Thursday 2 April: Ballot closes at 12pm.

    Saturday 4 April: Special conference to announce results.


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