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    The Labour Party

    Speaking in an interview with Paul Brand on ITV News this afternoon - the shadow business secretary and Salford & Eccles MP Rebecca Long Bailey said that she gave Jeremy Corbyn a perfect '10 out of 10' for his election campaign despite the incumbent leader delivering the worst defeat for the party since 1935 - instead laying the blame on the press pushing a negative perception of him, leading some to suggest she is completely out of touch with the reality of the dire situation Labour has found itself in.

    She said:



    "I'd give him 10 out of 10, because I respect him and I supported him all the way through. What we can't ignore was that Jeremy was savaged from day one by the press. 

    "We have a role as party to develop the image of our leader and to put them forward in the most positive way, but we also have a duty to rebut criticism and attacks.

    "As a party we needed to have a rebuttal unit, a clear structure in place to rebut the attacks against him."


    The recent latest defeat at the polls was an unprecedented fourth in a row for Labour and with the scale of the catastrophic results it could see the party out of any chance of obtaining power for a decade or even longer.

    Her words have also been seen as contradictory to some after earlier in the day admitting that Labour was not seen as to be trusted on the parties Brexit direction or its response to antisemitism, both major issues that '10 out of 10' Corbyn failed to tackle during his time in charge, both of which have equally done huge damages to Labour as a political force.

    For a candidate who claims to not be a 'continuity corbynism candidate' her latest words will be be taken as just that. It looks that she has nailed her banner firmly to the same mast.

    It is pretty obvious that the unpopular politics of Corbynism have been widely rejected by the country and Labour needs a new direction if it is to start winning votes back from its former heartlands who revolted in huge numbers to dismantle the famed Red Wall of the North. The party can not afford to get its political future wrong else it risks walking in the wilderness for a long time to come.

    Now seen as the standard bearer for the left wing of the party, Long Bailey has not only the party faithful to convince but entire swathes of the country who have flat out refused to accept the policy ideals of a leader who has more or less brought his party to its knees.

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