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    Local Man Kyle Smith is venturing into the world of politics to make a difference in his community.

    Local man Kyle Smith who was recently made unemployed has taken to social media to try and change what he see's as a broken political system in Salford. He is hoping to make huge waves in the murky political pond that is Salford and change things for the better. Others have tried in the past and failed so he has his work cut out.


    70% of Salford's population live in areas classified as `highly deprived' and nearly 10% of the working population is long-term unemployed - Party Politics has failed us as a city and we need a Salfordian voice to force change.

    The task will be a hard one what with the huge majorities that the local Labour MP's have within Salford but he has hopes that he can gain support amongst local people and that they will back his grass roots campaign and catapult him into power.  Just 2 Years ago local celebrity maraca shaking dance sensation 'Bez' of Happy Mondays fame threw his hat into the ring and failed to make a dent in the Labour Armour. Kyle is hoping to buck the trend and is calling upon the people of Salford to spring into action to support him so he can bring the Labour behemoth to its knees.


    Independent candidates in elections are often seen as futile and a role set aside for the more eccentric in our society- which is probably somewhat true to a degree.

    I have supported Labour all of my adult life and Salford is one of the very heartlands which they rely on every four years as a safe seat. I want more for my City, much more.

    I feel Party Politics has taken over the very essence of what democracy and politics represents - the people. The NHS is used to score cheap points between parties as patients wait dying in corridors.

    No longer are politicians, in their Armani suits and Jaguars, in any way connected to the people of this great country.

    This is why I am taking myself away from any party and I am standing in my home town of Salford as a proud Salfordian.

    I'm not doing this for a career in politics or a spot on Question Time. I see my fellow humble Salfordians, every single day of the week, take the brute force of public service cuts on which their very lives depend. I cannot sit idle by anymore.

    Give me a chance to be that voice, a normal man with a normal life. No big bank account. Just a huge heart for my fellow working class and a raging fire in my belly.

    On his Facebook page he asks If anyone could even donate £1 towards the £500 I need to have to be eligible for the ballot - I would be hugely grateful.


    Kyle's facebook page can be reached at https://www.facebook.com/takesalfordback/ so you can keep up with events in his campaign.

    We wish him luck.

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