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    Salford's newest political party has announced its second candidate in the run up to the May elections.

    One of the founding members of CO:RE, the political party spawned from the hugely popular facebook group Planning For Our Future in Irlam and Cadishead, has announced that he will be throwing his hat into the ring as a candidate in the forthcoming Council elections in May.

    Marcus Graham has been an integral part of the PFOFIC team from its inception and has today answered the call for candidates to stand in opposition of the mainstream parties in his area.

    In a short statement Marcus said,


    "I have been asked to be the second CO:RE candidate in May’s election for councillor, representing the people of Cadishead.

    "If I have the support from the community, I will register to join Darren Goulden on the ballot paper and do my best to try and make us the first two CO:RE names in council, and give residents a true voice. 

    "With so many big changes on the horizon for Irlam and Cadishead, It’s important that the community has its say in what’s happening.

    "Many of us feel that we’re being ignored and don’t get the representation we are promised from our current Councillors, which was the reason for the formation of CO:RE and why It is important we have as many representatives as we can in council.

    "This is why I am putting myself forward this year, I know this will be a big challenge, but I hope I have your trust and support to help make a difference."

    ince the announcement there has been a huge amount of support for his candidacy from members of the almost 3,800 strong group. 

    A meeting is being held on the 6th of Feb where the public will get to meet and ask questions to the candidates and CO:RE group.


    The party formed due to a lack of faith in the current Councillors by its growing membership , citing a catalogue of issues some of which range from unacceptable plans of developers with eyes on the local greenbelt, to the impact of the roadworks around the AJ Bell stadium and Barley Farm Inn which have left drivers sat in queues for hours as they seek to get too and from work.

    The recent lifting bridge fiasco only added fuel to the fire and even though it is now opened the question of whom will be liable to pay for its upkeep has still not been resolved.

    We will be attempting to interview all candidates from all of the parties and independents standing in I&C in the build up to the elections so as to give them a chance to get their voices heard.

    If anything it should be an interesting spring.

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