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    In what will now forever be known as the Brexit Election, Tory leader Boris Johnson stepped out of the ring as the victor leaving his opposition struggling to regain its feet after being batter and left dangling from the ropes.

    It was a night of huge upsets as Labour heartlands fell and the Tories secured a massive majority in an impressive gamble by the Tory leader which paid off dividends.

    Locally Labour took a hammering in Worsley & Eccles South but managed to maintain a reduced majority as Barbara Keeley 'Terminated' Arnie Saunders attempts to dethrone her.

    Early indications from the exit poll conducted by the BBC, ITV and Sky News were that the Tories were to gain 368 seats which would have given them a massive 86 seat majority, leaving Labour wondering just how it all went so catastrophically wrong.

    At time of writing (5:30am) the Tories have managed to tip over the winning line thanks to a spectacular win in Bolsover, former haunt of the infamous 'Beast', Labours Dennis Skinner.

    This election was always going to be fought on a Brexit Battlefield and Labours biggest mistake was not realising this soon enough, it cost them dearly as the parties indecisiveness on Brexit led many voters right into the arms of Boris who was talking their talk and offering them what exactly what they wanted - more or less to Get Brexit Done.

    Labour tried desperately with the tried and tested message and warnings over the sale of the NHS as well as on social issues but they quickly fell on deaf ears as this election was most definitely one based on a single issue and if we are being honest, it was an issue that Labour has more or less sat on the fence about. Had they taken a firm stance earlier on then they may have stood a chance but as it was, that never happened and the rest is history.

    As a result the price was paid for failure at the ballot boxes and seats up and down the land fell like dominoes to the Tories who had their biggest night at the polls since the days of Thatcher.

    Boris found a way to smash the bricks of Labours red wall and one by one they fell as town after town conceded defeat.

    This has now left the door wide open for Boris to push through whatever form of Brexit he wishes, something Labour and the remainer camp wished avoid.

    It was a political gamble and Boris could have easily misread the signs as his predecessor had done during her catastrophic election run back in 2017, but in this case the gamble paid off giving Boris a clear mandate to guide the UK out of the EU.

    Some had asked for a second referendum, made claims that people were unsure and wanted another chance to make their mark again, but alas, if this election has proven anything it is that the majority of voters are very much still behind a break from the EU and they have voted with their feet, braving the elements to ensure that their voice is heard. 

    What happens within Labour now is anyone's guess and we can be sure there will be some serious debate going on behind closed doors, as well a a little soul searching. Jeremy Corbyn issued a statement shortly after the catastrophic results started to flood in, declaring that he would not lead the party into another General Election but would stay on to ensure the party could reflect on what had happened and review its policies.

    So it looks like yet another 5 years in the wilderness for the beleaguered Labour party, yet another leadership battle, years spent picking through the results in an attempt to determine just how it all went wrong.

    Corbyn claimed Labour to be the party of the people, not on this night, not for these people. The many spoke at the ballot box and the few now have to go away and pick up the broken pieces as in May 2020 the local party must step up to the plate once more as it goes head to head as it battles in an all out local council elections in which every seat is up for grabs.

    With Irlam & Cadishead's CORE now a fully bona fide party looking to stretch its legs, there could be an epic show down on those two wards in the not too distant future. Even worse still for Labour, CORE is looking to burst out from its current confines and spread its wings into other areas.

    However the future turns out Labour needs a solid plan if it wants to come back from this.


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