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    Labours Andy Burnham takes the crown in the Greater Manchester Mayoral election.

    It will come as no surprise or shock for most to hear that Labour candidate and ex MP for Leigh; Andy Burnham has won enough of a majority in the first round of vote counting to become the first elected 'Metro' Mayor of Greater Manchester.

    As huge crowds gathered to watch, the appointment was declared shortly after 3:45 pm this afternoon to cheers from the Labour Party members present.

    Andy Burhnam : 359,352 - 63%

    Sean Anstee: 128,752 - 23%

    Jane Brophy: 34,334 - 6%

    Will Patterson 13,424 - 2%

    Stephen Morris: 11,115 - 2%

    UKIP: 10,583 - 2%

    Borough after Borough the results rolled in, after the final declaration was made Andy had been elected with 63% of the vote.

    Andy managed to beat Conservative candidate Sean Anstee by over 16,000 in Sean's own Tory held Trafford. The Tory candidate trailed in with an overall  23% of the vote. whilst Jane Brophy candidate for the Liberal Democrats managed to gain 6% .


    Burnham took the lead with a majority of 230,600 and therefore was declared winner.

    The Green Party's candidate Will Patterson managed to gain 2% along with UKIP and The English Democrat who also managed to pull in 2% each.

    Voter turn out across Greater Manchester was overall low with just 573,543 votes cast across the area out of a possible 1,982,343 registered voters, bringing the percentage to just 28.93%.


    Burnham started celebrations early, thanking local Salford MP Barbra Keeley (who was present for the vote count) for her backing on his campaign trail.

    This result along with the result for Steve Rotheram in Liverpool with a Labour win (59.30%) puts Labour in a strong position to lead the push for the governments proposed Northern Powerhouse. 

    For a full break down of the stats and more information check out the GMelects website on this link


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