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    The time is here, the big day is almost upon us, best of luck to ALL candidates who are running in this election, well done for putting your political beliefs up in front of the people to be judged.

    Well, this is it, in little over twelve short hours, the polling booths across Salford will open for people to cast their votes in what stands to be one of the most defining General Elections of our times.

    The big issue on the minds of most is obviously the dreaded Brexit but we should always be mindful that there are many other issues at play during an election.

    If you're wondering who to vote for, then it is easy, vote for YOU, cast your vote for the candidate that best represents the closest you can get to what your opinions are. Obviously there will be likely those out there for whom no candidate will fully represent them but my advice is to choose the issues that concern you the most and let your heart and mind guide you to the candidate that best represents you.

    We have all seen the candidates posts on social media, everyone has an opinion and there will be those who try to... shall we say 'Guide You' to vote for the candidate they want you to but please always remember, this is YOUR VOTE and you should base it on your own personal political opinions and not those of others, as if not then it becomes THERE VOTE. 

    Make the best, most informed choice you can, put a little research in and don't be swayed by the press or friends who would have you vote for what they want you to.

    ALL of the candidates have put long tiring hours of work into campaigning over this past six weeks and I hope you all can give them a little respect for that as regardless of the party they represent they have put their own politics up for judgement by you the good people of this fair City.

    No matter which of them you vote for, so long as it is what represents you then that is OK.

    Never let anyone tell you it is not.

    And within the next 36 hours we shall discover the path ahead for this country, remember, this is YOUR chance to chart that path, so make sure you get out there and vote.

    If you are in a wheelchair, disabled or elderly and struggling to get to the polling booths then fear not, Uber will be offering a free service via its Uber mobile App.

    They are offering 2 free journeys (There & Back) to the value of £10 so you can get to your local polling booth.

    To ensure that your vote does not get swayed by others we are closing all political posts and disallowing new ones to be made on the Salford Media &  SalfordOnline Facebook groups from Midnight up until 10pm on Thursday, this is to ensure that our groups can not be used by those pushing their own vote preference upon you.

    We would sincerely like to wish ALL candidates from ALL Parties the best of luck for tomorrow, it is a huge day for national politics but also it is equally as huge for our local politics. 

    Nothing is set in stone, none of the polls matter from this moment on, other than the election itself and everything is up for grabs.

    So folks, go cast your votes, take part in democracy, make this election YOUR election and may the best candidate win.

    Edited by KARL

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