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    Salford City Council

    Salford City Council has launched its own letting agency to help reduce pressure on housing waiting lists.

    The agency, Salford Property Link, will match people waiting for social housing with private landlords to help them find good quality, affordable accommodation more quickly.

    City Mayor Paul Dennett said:


    “There are huge waiting lists for social housing, with 39 people bidding for every property that becomes available but not enough homes to meet demand. There is great potential for landlords to work with us to help people get the homes they want. We will work with tenants to make sure they can afford the property and with landlords to make sure the property meets decent homes standards.”

    The new agency is offering landlords a range of services from simple advertising and tenant matching right through to full property management, repairs and guaranteed rent.

    It’s part of a package of measures Salford City Council is undertaking to address the national housing crisis, including launching its own company Dérive to provide more social housing and offering more housing support to veterans and their families who may be struggling with rent arrears or to set up new homes after leaving the service.


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