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    Prominent employers along with Salford Council, have set out an action plan with the aims of working together to make Salford a true 'Living Wage City' and City Mayor Paul Dennet took to social media today to announce that the Salford has become the first in England recognised for its ambitions to make it a reality.

    The alliance includes Salford Council, Salford University, Salford CVS, Unlimited Potential, Moorepay and Carbon Creative.

    At an event held in partnership with the National Living Wage Foundation and Salford Social Value Alliance, a new living wage of £9.30 was announced by Sean Ryan MBE - (Caritas National Coordinator for Community Sponsorship).

    The governments own national living wage is currently £8.21 for those over 25-years-old which means that the real living wage is an additional £1.09 per hour more for those whose employers have signed up to the scheme.


    The move marks a significant step forward which would mean an average salary increase of around £2000 in the pockets of up to 9433 workers within Salford when compared to the Government minimum, which by all means is a fantastic start.

    Katherine Chapman, director of the Living Wage Foundation, said



    "The new UK living wage increase will bring a “welcome pay boost” to workers in Greater Manchester."


    The foundation said that overall 16,746 workers across the north west will receive a pay rise, with an annual average pay boost of £2,000.

    The real living wage is an hourly rate based on detailed research of what households require in order to reach a minimum acceptable standard of living, it is independently set and annually updated.

    Salford has been striving since 2014 to see the real living wage spread in order to help in its efforts to tackle poverty in the City.

    Salford City Mayor, Paul Dennett, said on social media,



    "Yesterday Salford was honoured to be recognised by LivingWageUK as being the country's first Living Wage City. 38 organisations in the city are now signed up - a huge testament to the hard work of our Social Value Alliance and the Living Wage Foundation working with the Council.

    "However, 40% of Salford residents still receive less than the real living wage, and 5.2m British residents are paid less than the minimum wage! Low pay is at crisis point in the British economy. There is much more to be done! "


    Salford Council hoping that as time goes on, more employers will follow the lead of the likes of Salix Homes who became the first accredited Living Wage employer in Greater Manchester back in 2012. 

    Since then the number of employers who have become accredited to the scheme has seen a stead increase across all sectors.

    Sean Ryan went on to speak of his pride in that Salford has now become the first place in England to be recognised for its ambition to become a living wage City.




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