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    The motion which is set to be put forward at next weeks Council meeting (Wednesday the 17th 2019) will be put forward by Councillor Derek Antrobus (Lead Member for Planning and Sustainable Development) and is to be seconded by Councillor Kate Lewis.

    This move comes after Manchester Council successfully passed a motion to do the same yesterday.

    A new 'task & finish' group will be set up with the remit of seeking the advice of climate experts in order to develop a 5 year carbon budget with the aim of making Salford a carbon neutral City by the year 2038.

    The new group will also consider the systematic impact the activities of the council have and when and where applicable, to make recommendations in order to hasten the reduction of those impacts. They will also look into alternative approaches to reduce emissions where possible.

    Furthermore a report will be produced for the next Full Council meeting which will look at the level of investment the council holds in the fossil fuel industry as part of its pension plans and other investments.

    The City Mayor 'Paul Dennett' will write to the Prime Minister to inform whoever it is that holds the office, Salford has declared a climate emergency, the letter will also ask for resources and powers be made available to deal with it.

    Cadishead Councillor Lewis Nelson raised the issue of the clear and present danger of climate change at the last Council meeting on the 15th of May.

    In his first speech as a Councillor he referred to the recent UN warnings regarding the irreparable impact and the growing movement across the globe, to urge governments to tackle it.

    The effects of climate change have already been felt and for future generations the effect will only multiply.

    Lewis also took the opportunity to speak on the subject at a local level as he drew attention to the urgent need to restore the City's Peat Bogs which provide a vital role of carbon reduction. A keen environmentalist, he has been very vocal over his opposition to plans set to impact on both his and surrounding areas.

    Some however, have suggested that the implementation of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework would have a devastating impact on those very same Peat Bogs as plans are drawn to build 1600 houses in the area in the coming years.

    Local campaigners against the plans say that the impact of the GMSF would undermine any attempts to reduce carbon emissions in their area, simply by the very fact that a swathe of that very same peat land would be destroyed forever if those proposed homes are built.

    It has also been suggested that the additional traffic as a result of those new homeowners driving too and from the area will have a significant negative impact, not only on carbon emissions but also upon the local road system which is already struggling as is.

    Environmentalists are calling for the plans for Irlam and Cadishead to be shelved, citing, the irreparable damage to the green lungs of Salford.

    "It makes no sense at all to declare a climate emergency whilst at the same time being party to making the problem worse." said one campaigner.



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