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    Over 600 comments on Salford’s plans for development over the next 20 years have been published on Salford City Council’s website.

    The representations from people and organisations were part of the consultation into the Revised Draft Local Plan which sets out where in the city development could take place between now and then. 

    Salford City Council has made all the representations available on its website, after running consultation on the plan between January and March this year. They include comments on the plans, chapters and policies of the Revised Draft Local Plan, the documents used as an evidence base for drawing it up and suggestions for alternative sites.

    There has been a huge backlash towards plans for housing in Irlam and Cadishead which locals say would irreparably damage the greenbelt land.

    In a combined response to the Local Plan, the Labour Councillors of Irlam and Cadishead (Minus Cadishead Councillor Lewis Nelson) gave the statement below on both the apparently degraded land North of Irlam station and the expansion of Port Salford.


    "The views of five Irlam & Cadishead Councillors

    "The proposed spatial framework is vital for the future prosperity of Greater Manchester and after public consultation and possible amendments we want to see it agreed during 2019/20.

    "The six Councillors representing Irlam and Cadishead have always given a high priority to protecting our green belt land (Chat Moss) and we intend to continue to do that.

    "However, we are now facing a growing problem of homelessness and we accept that we urgently need to build social housing on a scale which will deal with the current housing waiting list.

    "1. We strongly support the aim for Greater Manchester to become a top global city-region and we need an agreed plan for homes, jobs and the environment.

    "2. We recognise that there are significant challenges including road congestion and air quality.

    "3. We acknowledge that economic and population growth will place significant pressure on our infrastructure roads, public transport, hospitals, schools.

    "4. We are delighted that Salford will have a net gain in green belt land of 30 hectares (74 acres).

    "5. We fully support the presumed opposition to any planning applications for fracking.

    "6. We agree with the proposals for Greater Manchester to be a carbon neutral city-region by 2038.

    "7. We are pleased that Chat Moss is identified as being strategically important green infrastructure, which will be protected. "

    8. We agree that 1,720 new homes need to be built in Salford every year for the next 20 years.

    "9. We agree, following 2018 public consultation, that the green belt will be retained between Addison Road / Crossfield Road and the proposed warehousing for Port Salford near to City Airport.

    "10. We agree that Port Salford is a key growth area in Greater Manchester and Port Salford expansion should also be supported.

    "11. We are delighted that £160 million is being spent on new walking and cycling infrastructure in Greater Manchester over the next ten years.

    "12. We acknowledge that Irlam & Cadishead has a need for more social housing and bungalows / apartments for rent, adapted for elderly and disabled people.

    "13. We acknowledge that most new infrastructure for Irlam & Cadishead will not be completed before 2026.

    "14. We think that Irlam & Cadishead should reasonably expand by 15% or 1,400 homes over the next 25 years. This includes the 350 homes already designated for Hayes Road, Cadishead. The land north of Irlam Station, proposed to be removed from the green belt, should be reduced by 50% to take account of the reduced housing requirements.

    "15. We believe that the proposed new Health Centre / Medical Hub should be based in Cadishead.

    "16. We fully accept that new homes In Irlam & Cadishead should be built in the first instance on brownfield sites. In the second instance on Greenfield sites and only on the Land North of Irlam Station if all other options have been explored.

    "17. We agree that there should be a full geological study carried out on the designated Land North of Irlam Station to see whether it is suitable for new housing."

    Meanwhile, Cadishead Councillor Lewis Nelson remains totally opposed to any development of the greenbelt . his views differing vastly from those of his fellow Councillors Roger Jones, Tracey Kelly, John Walsh, Joan Walsh as well as former Councillors Hunt and Taylor.

    Lewis has long campaigned to protect the local greenbelt from an early age, being one of the first to stand against 'Fracking' by iGas in Barton Moss, where he was a regular face amongst the protestors, his position has not changed at all, vowing continue to use his voice to speak for the local people who these plans will affect the most. 

    Lewis does not believe that the position put forward by his fellow Councillors reflects what the local residents want,  he has no intentions of shifting his position and will remain in objection to the views of his fellow Councillors.

    Councillor Derek Antrobus, lead member for sustainable development and planning, thanked everyone for their interest and input into the process, saying.



    “Salford is growing fast as a modern, global city and is already seen as one of the best places to live and work in the country,

    “This will continue over the next 20 years and there will continue to be high levels of demand for development, housing, industrial and office space and infrastructure to support that expansion. It all needs to be carefully managed and the Local Plan sets out a framework to do that, to balance the long-term success of the city with quality of life and protecting and enhancing our environment.

    “We will consider all the comments received and update the plan to take account of them and changes in national planning policy. In the light of recent announcements about a delay to the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework, we will need to consider how to progress the next stage in taking Salford’s local plan forward.”


    Salford’s Local Plan is linked to the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF), which sets out the overall planning strategy for the whole of Greater Manchester. Salford’s Local Plan will provide a much more detailed set of policies to complement this.

    The full plan can be seen at www.salford.gov.uk/localplan

    And the schedule of responses can be found at https://www.salford.gov.uk/media/394579/190930-schedule-of-responses-submitted-during-the-consultation-in-respondent-order.pdf




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