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    From intensive help to plays and a youth conference, Salford is gearing up to help young people stay on the right side of the law.

    Six new initiatives will work to help young people stay safe, improve their school attendance and achievements and reduce the number of school exclusions and the number of young people involved in crime and/or in custody.

    Funding has come from the Deputy Mayor of Greater Manchester, Baroness Beverley Hughes and will be used to pay for:

    More performances of Get help, a play and workshops designed and delivered by the Broughton Trust. Aimed at pupils in years 10 and 11, it helps them understand the risks and consequences of carrying a knife.

    Intensive work with and psychological support for 36 young people aged ten to 12 who are at risk of being drawn into crime.

    Delivering a youth conference on knife crime, designed and organised by Salford Youth Council for high school pupils. Topics to be covered include the law on knife crime, choices involved and the impact of knife crime.

    A mentor and coach to visit and support all young people serving a custodial sentence and during their release on licence. The mentor will also work with their family or carers and with young people who have been put at risk of criminal or sexual exploitation. Around 40 young people will be supported through this scheme.

    Trading standards work to identify businesses and Salford-based internet traders selling knives or other age restricted products and make sure they are aware of and fully complying with the law.

    Traders who do not could face prosecution.

    A youth worker based part-time at Salford Royal hospital to support young people who attend hospital because of violence-related injuries.

    Councillor David Lancaster, lead member for environment and community safety, said tackling youth crime is a high priority.



    “Our goal is to keep young people safe and well and make sure they have every opportunity to achieve their goals and dreams,” he said.

    “Being drawn into crime jeopardises those chances and risks their safety but with the right help and support we can help them turn things around. This funding will boost the help we can give.”





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