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    Salford City Council

    Salford City Council is asking residents to have their say on the level of council tax reductions for working aged households on low incomes.

    Paul-Dennett.jpgUnder the current council tax reduction scheme, which is means tested, the maximum discount for someone who qualifies is 85% meaning they would pay only 15% of the bill. Around 25,000 households on low income are helped to pay their council tax in this way.

    Now Salford City Council is asking residents whether the discount should be increased to a maximum of 88% or remain the same as is now.


    The consultation runs until Friday 20 December and a final decision, taking into account all feedback, will be made in February next year.

    City Mayor Paul Dennett said:



    “The scheme was last revised in 2015/16 when the maximum discount was reduced slightly from 88% to 85%. This was at the height of austerity.

    “Although we have not had full confirmation yet, the budget settlement is looking more favourable so we’re now asking residents whether council tax reductions should stay as they are now or if the discount should be increased.

    “It’s all part of our mission to tackle poverty and make a better and fairer Salford.

    “It is important we have feedback from a wide range of residents and working age people who may benefit from this so their comments can be taken into consideration.

    The scheme does not apply to or affect pensioners who can receive up to 100% discount, depending on their circumstances.”


    The survey can be found at www.salford.gov.uk/ctrconsultation

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