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    Salford City Council

    Salford City Council staff are getting ready to update the voting register ahead of next year’s all out local elections.

    Every household in the city will receive a form this month listing all the people who are currently registered as eligible to vote. This year over 880 extra  households have been added to the update, known as the annual canvass.

    Government changes this year mean that people only need to reply if the letter asks them to or if they want to change or add information. By law, people can be fined for not providing information.

    Returning officer Jim Taylor urged people to check the details carefully and reply quickly if they need to.



    “The Covid pandemic has made it more challenging for our team this year but the update must go ahead. I’d ask every Salford resident to help us with it by replying quickly online or by post if they need to,” he said.

    “Every year we send out a team of canvassers to knock on the doors of people who haven’t responded to make sure the register is properly updated. Covid hasn’t gone away so this year it’s even more important that we minimise the numbers involved for everyone’s safety and to save the council money. A prompt response would be hugely appreciated – and with every council seat up for re-election next year it’s even more important people don’t miss their chance to have their say.”


    The Civic Centre, Swinton, is currently closed to the public so forms must be returned online or by post.

    Being listed on or added to the electoral register is just the first step to actually being able to vote in local or national elections.

    Anyone who is not registered and who wants to vote must register to do so. It can be done online at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote  and there is also the option to print out a paper form and post that back.

    The link can also be used to update details such as any change of name, address or nationality.

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