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    Salford City Council

    Salford City Council has welcomed the RSPCA raising concerns about the impact of Bonfire Night on pets as a contribution to a growing debate about fireworks.

    The charity has asked its supporters to email local councils calling for all public firework displays to be advertised, actively promote awareness about the impact of fireworks and call on the government to change the law.

    Councillor David Lancaster, lead member for environment and community safety, said:



    “We share the RSPCA’s concern about the impact of firework noise on animals and appreciate the period around Bonfire Night can be a difficult time for many humans too.

    “That’s why Salford City Council organises and promotes public firework displays so as many people as possible can enjoy a short but excellent display in safety.

    “The council has organised displays in Irlam on Friday November 1 and Buile Hill park on Tuesday November 5 which everyone is welcome to attend. Both events open at 5pm with fun fair rides, the bonfire is lit at 7pm and the 15 minute firework display starts at 7.30pm.

    “We have also developed Little Sparks in the Park, a quieter event designed for young children which takes place on Bonfire Night at 5.30pm, well ahead of the main event.

    “Every year Salford City Council participates in the Safe4Autumn/Operation Treacle campaign, organised by Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue service. This runs from mid-October onwards to promote the responsible use of fireworks to avoid anti-social behaviour and keep people safe.”


    Councillor Lancaster added:



    “Councils currently have no legal powers or role in permitting or regulating firework displays and bonfires on private land. Licensing firework displays, as the RSPCA has suggested, would require government to change the law. We would welcome a national debate in parliament on better ways to control fireworks.”





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