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    Salford City Council

    New changes to the structure of Salford City Councils Mayoral Team will soon come into effect following the recent local elections.

    Council Stalwart Derek Antrobus will soon be stepping down from his position after 40 years of service with the organisation. Having served as Lead Member / Committee Chair since 1999 and holding the planning portfolio since 2003, City Mayor Paul Dennett thanked him for his commitment and dedication and wished him well for the future. He will remain as a Councillor until the May 2020 elections.


    Meanwhile Councillor John Merry will be stepping into the shoes of former children's and young peoples services leader Lisa Stone, he has agreed to formally take on the role and responsibilities and will work alongside Councillor John Walsh as the executive support for education and learning.

    Councillor Mike McCusker will now serve within the Mayoral Team as the new executive support for planning, housing and sustainable development, he will work alongside Councillor Antrobus and Councillor Tracy Kelly with the long term goal of fulfilling Greater Manchester's aspirations to become Carbon Neutral by the year 2038.

    In addition to this, tomorrow’s launch of the Greater Manchester Housing Strategy also highlights Greater Manchester’s plans to:

    i. Tackle poor rented housing through a Good Landlord Scheme,
    ii. Deliver at least 50,000 additional affordable homes by 2037,
    iii. Deliver a ‘Healthy Homes Service’ to help vulnerable people live safely and independently,
    iv. Establish a Community-Led Housing Hub to support and encourage more forms of Community-Led Housing across Greater Manchester.

    Other changes will see one of the new additions to Salford Council replacing Councillor Laura Edwards to become the cycling champion for the city, this is due to the outstanding work Councillor Jim Cammell has been doing with the Dadz Cycle Hub within the city and his passion for cycling.

    The current composition of the Mayoral Team is now currently.

    City Mayor, Paul Dennett

    Statutory Deputy City Mayor, Paula Boshell

    Deputy City Mayor / Lead Member for Children’s and Young People’s Services, John Merry

    Lead Member for Finance and Support Services, Bill Hinds

    Lead Member for Environment and Community Safety, David Lancaster

    Lead Member for Planning and Sustainable Development, Derek Antrobus

    Lead Member for Adult Services, Health and Wellbeing, Gina Reynolds

    Lead Member for Workforce and Industrial Relations, John Ferguson

    Lead Member for Housing and Neighbourhoods, Tracy Kelly

    Executive Support Member for Education and Learning, John Walsh

    Executive Support Member for Planning, Housing and Sustainable Development, Mike McCusker

    Executive Support Member for Social Care and Mental Health, Jane Hamilton

    Executive Support Member for Transport, Roger Jones

    Executive Support Member for Culture, Leisure and Sports, Stephen Coen



    TELEPHONE: 0161 820 1411


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    • CO:RE - 1
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