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    After sensationally snatching one seat from Labour and coming tantalisingly close to stealing another from under there feet in last Mays local elections, the newly official CORE Independents Party will be looking to increase their gains during the 'All Out' local elections in later this year in May.

    Core were recently given the go ahead for full party status after previously standing as a collective group of independents in the May 2019 elections, during which Darren Goulden dramatically took a seat in Irlam off Labours hands and his running mate Dave Pike came tantalisingly close to taking Cadishead had it not been for an extremely hard fought battle by Lewis Nelson to pip him to the post.

    With all three seats up in each ward across the city, CORE will be looking to do as much damage as possible to Labour, already boasting 5 candidates for the newly formed wards of Cadishead & Lower Irlam ward as well as Higher Irlam & Peel Green, the new kids on the block are now looking in a good position to do just that.

    The recent changes to the ward boundaries means that this year every single seat will be up for grabs during the may 2020 elections. With tensions high in Irlam and Cadishead over proposals for homes to be built on 'degraded' parts of Irlam Moss as part of the Greater Manchester Spacial Framework, they have a lot of backing from locals.


    Darren Goulden will be standing again this year in the newly formed electoral ward of Higher Irlam & Peel Green, alongside him will be his wife Paula Goulden as well as fellow core party member Lee Thompson.

    Paula, a local business owner who runs a popular local cake shop said:


    "Having a local business and becoming part of the community I have seen first hand Irlam and Cadishead standing up together against the development on the Chat Moss, over the years I have worked with many of the local charities and local schools offering support where needed.

    "As a local business I’m keen to support other retail business to grow within the area Irlam and Cadishead have a fantastic community in all areas of business, education, health and the environment, with Chat Moss being under threat we need everyone’s voice to be heard.

    "Standing for CORE in the May elections I will ensure those voices are heard at every level, I have seen how CORE have grown over the last 4 years and have supported Darren at every step and feel now is the right time for me to stand up and represent the area."

    Alongside Paul and her husband Darren will be Lee Thompson who runs a family business in Cadishead called Monkey Business Health & Fitness, he said:


    “There are many reasons why I want to be a Councillor for Core.

    "For many years living in this community I have seen things that have concerned me and I want to help improve it by becoming a voice.

    "I'm currently a School Governor, a local Business Owner & do many things to support our great community.

    "I want to make sure people get the right services & ensure people’s views are heard and taken into account.”

    Meanwhile, over in the soon to become Cadishead & Lower Irlam electoral ward, party stalwart and local firefighter Dave Pike will be giving it another shot across labours bow along with his fellow party member Alan Langdon, both of whom will be looking to sink Labours ship.

    Alan lives in Cadishead with his wife Kate and their three children. He is a Local Authority Governor at St Mary's CE Primary School, a position he has held since October 2017. In September 2018, Alan was elected as vice-chair of the governing board by its members. He was the first of the new candidates to step up to the plate after announcing he was going to stand within days of Councillor Goulden's triumphant victory.


    “I'm standing up to represent Cadishead and Irlam in 2020 elections.

    "I want to protect our green spaces and combat child deprivation, while promoting our community and improving the day to day lives of residents.”

    With five candidates now announced and still months ahead it looks like Core is expanded and they even have plans to grow their reach beyond the borders of Irlam and Cadishead as they seek candidates in other areas to stand for the party.

    Whatever happens in May it will be interesting to watch to say the least.

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