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    Boris Johnson's Brexit plans were left in shatters this morning and his position as Prime Minister is looking precarious after the Supreme Court handed down the landmark judgement this morning.

    The humiliating defeat is set to have ramifications which could cost Boris Johnson his job.

    The Justices were asked to decide whether Mr Johnson had given unlawful advice to her majesty the Queen when he asked her for permission to prorogue parliament in what many MP's claimed was an attempt to stop them debating Brexit.

    In making this decision the Judges have now given the all clear for parliament to resume, however the PM has said that he will not resign and that MP's have had years to discuss the direction of Brexit and have still found no resolution.

    Lady Hale called the PM's attempts to shut down parliament for 5 weeks as unlawful, void and of no effect.

    Then ruling has come as a devastating blow to the PM's plans, meanwhile he is over the other side of the Atlantic meeting with President Trump in New York as they work on trade deals between the UK and the US.

    It is unknown just when parliament will sit again as this process is usually triggered by the PM himself, there are two options that are available, comply or attempt to prorogue parliament again, this time within the law.

    Mr Johnson has said previously that he would comply with the decision but his next move is anyone's guess.



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