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    The Conservative Party

    The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has joined with his EU counterparts in showing a united from to call for a de-escalation of the rhetoric from both the U.S. and Iran over the Presidents decision to order the drone assassination of Quassem Soleimani on Sunday.

    Johnson warned Donald Trump not to escalate a cycle of violence in Iran.

    In a joint statement the European leaders asked for restraint after the targeted attack by the U.S. on the Iranian General who was seen as the second most powerful man in Iran.

    Following the attack, Iran immediately threatened U.S. assets in the region and has since walked out on a program which restricted the regime from enriching uranium for use in nuclear warheads. In a tit for tat exchange President Trump has suggested that 52 sites around Iran could be targeted by American forces.

    Johnson along with other EU leaders have attempted to try to defuse the situation before it spirals completely out of control and plunges the entire middle eastern region into what would surely be a catastrophic war costing the lives of many innocents.

    In a joint statement, the EU leaders said:



    “We have condemned the recent attacks on coalitions forces in Iraq and are gravely concerned by the negative role Iran has played in the region, including through the IRGC [Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps] and the Al-Qods force under the command of General Soleimani.

    “There is now an urgent need for de-escalation. We call on all parties to exercise utmost restraint and responsibility. The current cycle of violence in Iraq must be stopped.”

    "Iran must refrain from 'further violent action or proliferation' and abide by the nuclear deal.

    “We recall our attachment to the sovereignty and security of Iraq. Another crisis risks jeopardising years of efforts to stabilise Iraq.

    “We also reaffirm our commitment to continue the fight against Daesh, which remains a high priority. The preservation of the Coalition is key in this regard. We therefore urge the Iraqi authorities to continue providing the Coalition all the necessary support.

    “We stand ready to continue our engagement with all sides in order to contribute to defuse tensions and restore stability to the region.”



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