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    The Conservative Party

    Hunt and Johnson gathered at the Queen Elizibeth II centre in Westminster this morning to discover their fates as Dame Cheryl Gillan and Charles Walker - returning officers for the 1922 Committee - announced Boris as the winner with over a two to one ratio over his rival, leaving Jeremy as runner up in the conservative leadership contest.

    U.S. President Donald Trump was among the first to congratulate him saying that he will make a great PM, although others were quick to fire warning shots across his bow with Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage laying down the gauntlet to the new PM to deliver on his 'Do or Die' Brexit pledge.

    However the new Tory leader faces a potentially catastrophic mutiny from his parties MP's as they quit their positions over his stance on Brexit plans. Up to a dozen MP's could jump ship over the coming days.

    With a DUDE rallying cry (that's DELIVER Brexit, UNITE the country, DEFEAT Corbyn and ENERGISE Britain) he has pledged to deliver Brexit by the 31st of October deadline.

    Boris will not have the liberty of a honeymoon period as he will be tasked with appointing his cabinet and ministerial teams. He is expected to complete his reshuffle no later than Friday. He has already appointed Mark Spencer as the party chief whip.

    It is also said that behind the scenes Sajid Javid, Liz Truss and Matt Hancock are widely thought to be battling it out to become the countries next Chancellor.

    Meanwhile Theresa May has one last roll to play as she will be forced to endure her last PMQ session on Wednesday before heading off back to Downing Street to say her last farewells to staff. She will then address the nation from outside number 10.



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