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  2. The Met Office forecasters have issued a yellow warning this afternoon and a spokesman has said that thunderstorms may develop bringing with them the high possibility of torrential rain and localised flooding. The heavens are set to be lit up by natures natural fireworks on Sunday as thunderstorms develop over the course of a 33 hour period. Heavy downpours will come along with them and they are expected to move north northeastward across most of the UK with Salford and Manchester in their path. There is also a possibility that heavy rain and already soggy ground could lead to flooding and so rivers and watercourses will be monitored both during and after the storms have passed, in any event the new flood defences put into place in Salford will be deployed if needed to minimise any threat. Drivers are being advised to be watchful for surface spray on roads and are being advised to slow their speed to prevent aquaplaning and accidents. The storms will come after what is otherwise set to be a relatively dry and warm weekend. Friday should be mostly dry with sunny spells expected and temperatures should reach highs of 17C. As for Saturday and the start of Sunday it will be sunny and warm with highs of 21C to 22C. A spokesman from the Met Office said: In advance of the storms the following advice has been issued: Unplug all non-essential appliances, including the television, as lightning can cause power surges. If caught out in the storm try to seek shelter if possible. When you hear thunder you are already within range of where the next ground flash may occur, lightning can strike as far as 10 miles away from the centre of a storm. Avoid using the phone - telephone lines can conduct electricity Avoid using taps and sinks - metal pipes can conduct electricity If outside avoid water and find a low-lying open place that is a safe distance from trees, poles or metal objects Avoid activities such as golf, rod fishing or boating on a lake Be aware of metal objects that can conduct or attract lightning, including golf clubs, golf buggies, fishing rods, umbrellas, motorbikes, bicycles, wheelchairs, mobility scooters, pushchairs, wire fencing and rails. If you are in a tent, try to stay away from the metal poles If you find yourself in an exposed location it may be advisable to squat close to the ground, with hands on knees and with head tucked between them. Try to touch as little of the ground with your body as possible, do not lie down on the ground If you feel your hair stand on end, drop to the above position immediately Avoid downed power lines or broken cables If someone is struck by lightning, they often suffer severe burns. The strike also affects the heart, so check if they have a pulse.
  3. A schoolgirl from Eccles has unveiled a portrait of her dad and step-dad in The Lowry art gallery in Salford alongside the multi-million pound originals that inspired her work. Nine-year old Maegan Hallwood’s pencil drawing, which she has named The Double Person, beat-off stiff competition from hundreds of 4-11-year-olds across the country to be named 2019 winner of The Copley Prize. Sponsored by Noel and Alison Copley, the competition is for work inspired by LS Lowry and the winning artwork each year hangs in the arts centre’s permanent exhibition, LS Lowry: The Art & The Artist. Claire Stewart, curator of the Lowry Collection and judge of The Copley Prize, said: “Lowry produced a great number of portraits during his lifetime. And just like Maegan, he chose his parents as the focus of some of his work too. It’s great to see, 43 years after his death, Lowry’s portraits are inspiring another generation of artists to capture their own parents in art for our visitors to enjoy.” Maegan submitted her entry following an art workshop at her school, Christ Church Primary. The Lowry has now launched a School Appeal to raise money to deliver more, free arts workshops for local primary schoolchildren. The programme targets schools in deprived areas of Salford that have had limited or no previous engagement with the arts. A target of £5,000 has been set, with Noel and Alison Copley pledging to double the figure raised. For more information about the School Appeal or to donate, visit: www.thelowry.com/schoolappeal More photos from the event can be found here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmEpko9k
  4. The campaign is led by the NPCC and runs from Monday 24 June until Monday 8 July with the aim of reducing the number of deaths and injuries caused by irresponsible drink and drug drivers. Targeting irresponsible and dangerous drivers in a bid to drive down fatal and serious road traffic collisions is one of the main objectives and a priority for the road policing unit leading on this. Protecting other road users from the harm caused by those who drink and drug drive is a critical part of the officer’s role at GMP. The last drink and drug drive campaign took place in December 2018 where a total of 228 arrests were made and 1,867 breath, drug and field impairment tests were undertaken. Anyone convicted of drink or drug driving will face: A criminal record At least a one-year driving ban Higher motor insurance costs Endorsement on your driving licence for 11 years You could also lose your job Chief Inspector Harrison White said:
  5. It's hard not to have noticed the onslaught of articles popping up in the local news over the past few weeks, regarding the air quality across Greater Manchester. It is hard to argue that the air we breathe in this region is not full of pollutants. A study by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2018 discovered that Salford on the whole was estimated to be substantially exceeding the limit of acceptability with 15 micrograms per square metre. This placed our City as holding the unenviable joint title holder of having the worst air quality in the UK alongside Scunthorpe. The pollution levels in Salford were surprisingly even higher than our larger neighbouring sister City of Manchester. So with those facts and figures in mind it has quite rightly been seen as an urgency to reduce that pollution as the effects it is having on the general health and well being of the public is utterly staggering. Shortly after the figures released the Friends of the Earth declared it to be a "Public Health Crisis", and they are certainly not wrong. The City is clearly failing to meet the standards for fine particle air pollution or PM2.5 as it is also termed. The effect on health can have a huge impact with cancer and respiratory disease clearly on the increase across the region. And so the powers-that-be have been duly and legally obligated to reduce those numbers, provide a cleaner environment and a healthy City for all. Greater Manchester's Metro Mayor Andy Burnham has decided that the best way forward would be for Clean Air Zones around the City, these areas would require a charge for the most polluting vehicles to access, in general it is thought that the cost would be £7.50 per day for Taxi's and £100 per day for HGV and Buses that do not comply with the standards. It is said that the money raised would go towards aiding companies modify or replace their vehicles with less polluting ones. Car drivers and those who drive compliant vehicles would not be hit by the charge and so Andy has been quick to declare that this is NOT a backdoor way of introducing a congestion charge. That has been tried before and it dismally failed after 79% of Greater Manchester voters declared a resounding NO after a City Wide referendum. It even temporarily cost Irlam Councillor Roger Jones his seat as he was the chairman of the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Authority and seen as the public figurehead of the scheme. Woe betide any politician who tried to implement a congestion charge again. Some have argued since, that roads have been deliberately engineered to be more congested across the City in order to push to implement a congestion charge at a later date. They evidence this by pointing out traffic calming measures and lane restrictions brought in on many of the arteries in and out of Manchester. Chapel Street being one of prime examples of an area which draws much anger due to the reduction of the carriageway for use as a bus lane, the introduction of speed humps and strict speed limits which some say are causing even bigger delays on the route. Delays which in turn mean more stationary traffic and more pollutants being pumped into the air. It has been said that such measures are counterproductive and undermine any positive gains from the bus lanes. Regardless of conspiracy theory the stark truth is that in the future we will have a much larger dark cloud looming over our Cities head in the form of the Greater Manchester Spacial Framework or GMSF for short. This second drafting is a clear improvement over its first revision but none-the-less it will still see a huge surge of property building and development on a massive scale across the region. In some areas like Irlam and Cadishead, large sections of the greenbelt are being carved up for future expansion plans for both homes and businesses. 1,600 homes are earmarked to be built on land close to Irlam Station within Councillor Jones Ward of Irlam, Ironically on what the Council deems to be degraded greenbelt land, the same peat bog that acts as the Cities natural carbon sink. This move has created huge anger that was manifested at the ballot box this year as the candidate for the Core Independents 'Darren Goulden' romped past the finishing line in an embarrassing blow to Labour who have long held the seat. In the neighbouring Cadishead fellow Core candidate Dave Pike lost out on taking another seat by a mere 64 votes after a tooth and nail battle that saw Labours candidate Lewis Nelson take a well earned victory as a result of an epic battle for the spot. Full Results of the 2019 Local Elections: https://salford.media/elections/local2019 The people are obviously not happy about it and the cracks are now starting to show. Councillor Jones's Irlam ward already suffers from historic traffic problems due to its geographical location and the lack of exit routes in and out of the area. The addition of a new lifting Bridge into Trafford has done little to alleviate the problem as people still face delays on the only Salford bound route in and out of Eccles. This is impacted even more when the local Rugby club is playing at its home stadium. So where do we go from here? On the one hand we have a Metro Mayor telling us that our Cities need clean air, whilst on the other we are being told that our Cities need massive expansion which will in turn mean hundreds of thousands of new properties and countless additional vehicles on the roads across the region. Not to mention the impact of those new homes on already stretched local service. Irlam is just the tip of the iceberg as homes are scheduled to be built in many other areas, adding to those that have already been built over the past few years and have seen huge impacts on local services and the road infrastructure. The Salford Star has recently done an article regarding the red flag being waved over the increasing demands for more school places that is more than worth a read. http://www.salfordstar.com/article.asp?id=5112 The impact of all these new homes and cars being introduced to the area will more than undermine any gains made by the clean air scheme. We have a ludicrous situation in which we are being told to get out of cars and onto public transport whilst at the same time they are proposing taxes on that same public transport. With a cost of £100 per day each bus that does not meet the new standard will have to pay £36,500 per year to operate in those clean air zones. If those companies only operated 10 buses then that would cost them a staggering £365,000 per extra per year and who do you think those costs will be passed on to? There are clear and justified concerns that ticket prices will increase across the bus networks and that will result in the most likely scenario of the the public being hit in the pocket to cover the losses. It could also have the knock on effect of making people reconsider how they get around Manchester with some possibly opting to use cars. The need for clean air in our Cities is obviously a priority, the deaths attributed to premature deaths in this region due to air borne particulates is shockingly high and it is only set to increase, something has to be done and it has to be done now. The tiny particles, emanating from sources such as transport, heavy industry, coal and burning wood, fuels or waste, are very clearly linked to debilitating diseases that include stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, and respiratory infections. It would be utter madness to stand by and do nothing. But the reality of the situation is that more needs to be done to improve public transport and entice people out of cars, you simply can not remove trucks and buses from select areas of the region whilst at the same time introducing a potential quarter of a million vehicles by the expansion of the City. A recent article in the Manchester Evening News details how a town the size of Lancaster is due to be built between Collyhurst and Manchester town centre. Thousands of homes each producing more and more rubbish for landfills, more demand for school places, more demands on NHS services and even more cars. The Northern Gateway Project is set to see over 15,000 new homes built over the next 20 years. MEN Article: https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/manchester-housing-chinese-loan-collyhurst-16455486 Sooner or later something will have to give. The issue is not so easy to resolve, there will be problems ahead but rest assured it does need to be tackled and sooner rather than later for the sake of the health of the people. Things can not carry on like this.
  6. Venue: AJ Bell Stadium Date: Friday, 21 June Kick-off: 19:45 BST Ian 'Watto' Watson has wasted no time in naming Ryan Lannon in the squad for Tomorrows (21st June) match at the AJ Bell Stadium. He has recently rejoined the club this Monday on loan from Hull KR. Ben Nakubuwai and George Griffin will both be sitting this game out due to injury. Castleford have named just one change to their squad with Chris Clarkson stepping in for Will Maher. The Tigers are hoping to take the final play-off spot, with Salford trailing just two points behind them in sixth place. Salford Red Devils - Evalds, Welham, Sa'u, Bibby, Lui, Mossop, Dudson, Jones, Flanagan, Lussick, Walker, Burke, McCarthy, Tomkins, Johnson, Olpherts, Inu, Lannon, Hastings. Castleford Tigers - Aston, Blair, Clare, Clarkson, Cook, Eden, Massey, Mata'utia, McMeeken, McShane, Millington, Milner, Minikin, Moors, Rankin, Sene-Lefao, Smith, Trueman, Watts. Tickets: https://www.eticketing.co.uk/salfordreddevils/EDP/Event/Index/417
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    Missing from Weaste and last seen 2 months ago around the Weaste tram stop. If found please contact Mitko via Facebook
  9. Sadly this would not be the case for the Jones family who had attended their daughters wedding, followed by an appearance at Regent Road Police Station, Salford Royal Hospital and finally Salford Magistrates Court, so quite an eventful day. Robert Hunter Jones who resided at Brighton Street, Salford with his long suffering wife Ada, appeared at Salford Magistrates Court charged with assaulting his wife on 18 June, 1919 the same day as the nuptials. Superintendent Clark told the Court that both parties had attended their daughters wedding were both of them, "appeared to have taken more drink than was good for them".. Robert went with Ada to a local beerhouse, he left at 9pm and left Ad in there, she left an hour later, when she arrived home this is when the trouble started. Robert told he Court that he wanted to go to sleep, however Ada who was obviously enjoying herself wanted to sing at the top of her voice. He asked her to stop singing so that he could get some sleep. when she refused he walloped her over the head with a frying pan to shut her up! Ada made her way to regent Road Police Station, no doubt with her head ringing, she saw P.C. Sumner who took her to Salford Royal Hospital for treatment to her injuries. She was examined by Doctor Ghosh who found that she had suffered two cuts to her scalp but not serious to be detained and was sent home. Robert had been arrested but was released on bail the following day to appear at the Magistrates Court. When charged he said, " Yes it is correct that i hit her on the head with a frying pan, but she annoyed me because she wouldn't stop singing" Not the best defence line I have heard. The Stipendiary Magistrate asked Ada if she had been drinking? She replied that she had only taken four glasses of beer and that they had both been drinking at the wedding, but not a lot. Superintendent Clarke said to him it would appear to have been a drunken quarrel, which is underestimating it a bit in my opinion. The Stipendiary Magistrate asked Ada if she was afraid of her husband? "Only at weekends when he is drunk" was her reply. Robert was bound over to keep the peace for 12 months, a lenient sentence. As for Ada I should imagine she limited her singing to when her hubby wasn't in the marital home. Photo: Brighton Street 1962
  10. Salford's favourite artist/debt collector is best known for his industrial scenes of Salford and Manchester which feature his iconic match stalk men and match stalk cats and dogs figures. Lowry's 'A Cricket Match' was one of just a handful of times he turned his hand to capturing sport. Lowry was and still is world renowned for capturing the gritty realism of the industrial landscapes and backdrops of our dirty old town, a painting style which is unique only to him. Beloved British actor Timothy Spall is set to take on the role of LS Lowry in an upcoming film set in his beloved home City of Salford where the Artist spent many a day with his easel. The film will also star talented actress Venessa Redgrave as his titular mother. Mrs Lowry & Son depicts the relationship between one of Britain’s most iconic artists, and his mother Elizabeth, with whom he lived until her death. The biopic follows Lowry in the beginnings of his career, as he yearns for appreciation of his work from his peers in London. The last time this piece sold at auction was in 1996 when it fetched what was for then a phenomenal sum of £280,000 upon its debut. The sporting depiction of a packed children's cricket match was painted in 1938. The painting was unveiled to the public during a five day review at Salford's Lowry which carries his name, it attracted huge crowds as his work always does. A note by sotheby's describing the painting says.
  11. Parents are being asked to show a little care and consideration when picking/dropping their children from school as irresponsible and in many cases illegal parking is causing major road safety issues. Over the past few years the problem has only gotten worse as more and more cars take to the roads. According to Rule 243 of the Highway Code , you are advised not to park near a school entrance or anywhere that would obstruct access for emergency services, at or near a bus stop, as well as opposite or within 10 metres of a junction, over a dropped kerb, and in front of an entrance to a property. All schools will have areas with yellow zig zag lines outside their exits/entrances, these lines are to indicate the length of road where stopping or waiting is strictly prohibited. There may also be an upright sign displayed, indicating a mandatory prohibition of stopping during the times shown. If caught by a local authority enforcement officer you could find yourself with a fine to pay and quite rightly so as you are needlessly putting lives in danger. And officers are on patrol so be warned. Children's lives are increasingly being put in danger as they struggle to cross roads between parked cars, these areas are specifically meant to be kept clear at all times to prevent those dangers. Today, Junior PCSO's Libby and Ibrahim from Monton Green Primary School were out on patrol as part of a crackdown on irresponsible parking in the area. Road safety around schools is very important but drivers will only change their behaviour if they are aware of the consequences and who better to hear it from than a small child. The pupils have been on patrol accompanied by an officer and are enjoying being involved in promoting road safety. They are both described as being polite, courteous and a credit to the school and I am not one to dispute that but I would not take the chances as they both look like they could have you in a headlock in seconds. So please, have some consideration when parking, no one wants to see children hurt on their way too and from school.
  12. The redevelopment of the University of Salford’s historic Maxwell Hall is aimed at creating a world class entertainment and cultural venue for both students and the wider Salford and Greater Manchester communities. After a competitive bidding process Architects Flanagan Lawrence have been appointed to develop the final designs, and have already created striking images of what the new venue could look like. When completed, Maxwell Hall will be an iconic new building along Salford Crescent and the A6 corridor and provide a unique venue for the city and region. It is all part of the ambitious £800m Salford Crescent Masterplan that has been jointly developed by the University of Salford and Salford City Council to outline the vision for a new city district in the heart of Salford. The redevelopment of Maxwell Hall will create a large auditorium with flexible layout options and add to a growing list of cultural assets in Salford, including successful arts venue Islington Mill, Sounds of the Other City music festival and the continued growth of the creative and digital sector at Salford Quays. Maxwell Hall has a rich history and is one of the cultural centre pieces of the university campus. It has hosted a huge range of acts including the Smiths, Pulp and The Charlatans and the aim is to attract acts of that calibre in the future, putting Salford back on the music venue map. Developing new cultural opportunities is at the heart of the Masterplan and in recognition of this potential to grow the cultural economy in Salford, the Salford Culture and Place Partnership – a collaboration between the University, The Lowry, the City Council and other partners – was established to drive cultural activity across the City. Huw Williams, COO at the University of Salford said: While the University will be investing a large amount of capital in the project, matched funding will need to be raised for part of the estimated £15m project costs and the University will work with partners to ensure the ambitious scheme goes ahead. The redeveloped hall will provide an ideal venue for industry collaboration, mainly but not exclusively, in the cultural industries. It would also provide an opportunity for students to work hands-on in event management, hospitality, front-of-house, sales & marketing, customer care as well as a wealth of roles associated with the production and delivery of cultural events including sound production, set design, performance and broadcasting. Architect Flanagan Lawrence has been involved with high profile cultural projects in the past, particularly in Sunderland with the huge regeneration of the Fire Station Auditorium, which will create a specialist music venue for the city. They have also worked on the Performing Arts centre for the Royal Welsh College of music and Drama in Cardiff, and the Laidlaw Music Centre for the University of St Andrews. Jason Flanagan, Director, Flanagan Lawrence, added:
  13. GMP are appealing to the public for help in tracing the family of Karl Henshall, originally from Urmston. Karl Henshall, 66, passed away at his home address on Worsley Avenue, Walkden on Monday 17 June 2019. Sadly the police have been so far unable to locate his family members to inform them. Police believe there to be no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death. Anyone with information about Karl’s next of kin should contact the Police Coroners Officer on 0161 856 4687.
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  15. Article written by Joseph Crabtree Salford Red Devils assistant coach Martin Gleeson will leave the club at the end of this month, to pursue a coaching career with Wasps RFC. The 39-year-old joined Salford as a player in 2013, before making the transition to the club’s coaching staff. Gleeson said: He added: Red Devils head coach Ian Watson said: He added: Gleeson will join the Gallagher Premiership side as assistant attack coach ahead of their 2019/20 season. Salford’s director of rugby Ian Blease said: Individuals with suitable experience who are interested in applying to become the club’s new assistant coach should email their CV to: enquiries@salfordreddevils.net
  16. As the world remembers the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings which liberated Europe from the scourge of Nazism, Armed Forces Day is a chance to show your support and pride for the men and women who make up our Armed Forces community: from currently serving troops to Service families, veterans of past conflicts and our amazing cadets who never fail to honour them. There are many ways for people, communities and organisations across the country to show their support and get involved, from attending an event or joining us online to throwing a party or local event. Armed Forces Day celebrations begin on Monday 24 June when the Armed Forces Day flag is raised on buildings and famous landmarks around the country. The Ministry of Defence have requested that flags are flown to celebrate the start of Armed Forces Week and as ever Salford will be proudly joining the nation in tribute to the country’s armed forces community. A small ceremony will be taking place on the front steps of Swinton Town Hall, Chorley Road, Swinton, M27 5FJ from 10.30am on Monday 24th June 2019 to honour our armed forces community. The Ceremonial Mayor of Salford, Councillor Charlie McIntyre and the City Mayor Paul Dennett will be joined by the Lord Lieutenant Mr Warren J. Smith and the Lancashire Fusiliers for the ceremony which runs from 10.30am to 11am. The Salford in Harmony choir will also be performing and the event is open to everyone. At the rise of the ceremony light refreshments will be available in the Salford Suite within the Civic Centre. Once more the much loved Winton Festival will again be supporting Salford’s Armed Forces Day on Saturday 29 June Salford’s military and community parade will travel from Duke’s Drive, Monton, along Parrin Lane to Winton Park, starting at 10.30am. Please allow extra time for your journey if travelling in this area as the parade passes through. The festival is open from 11 am to 4pm. and includes fun for all the family with entertainment on stage and mini fairground rides for children. The Salford Angels WI will be serving refreshments and home-made cake in the tea tent and the event is being supported by 236 Squadron, Lancashire Fusiliers, the Sea and Air Cadets, Brownies and Rainbows, Greater Manchester Police, Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service and Booths Charities Salford's finest young Cadets from all local detachments will be proudly marching alongside their seniors, veterans and their families in honour of the brave men and women of our services. Winton Festival is proud to support Armed Forces Day with a number of fun activities planned. Forming part of the event will be a Parade; starting from Dukes Drive Car Park, off Parrin Lane, Monton, Eccles @ 10.30am, concluding at Winton Park, Dover Street, Winton. Salford City Council’s Armed Forces Champions are Councillor Margaret Morris and Councillor Barry Warner. Councillor Morris said: Councillor Warner added:
  17. Leading Bookies Sky Bet have revised their revisions and reformulated their formulations to declare Salford's very own Ammies as the new favourites to take the Champions League Two crown next May. This comes after their historic win at Wembley this year in which Salford stormed AFC Fylde by 3-0 to reach the Football League for the first time in the clubs history. Plymouth Pilgrims were the bookmakers early favourites but they have changed their minds and have put Salford FC out in front at 8-1. The club has reached new heights under the ownership of Peter Lim as well as six former Manchester United old school class of 92 players, namely, Nicky Butt, David Beckham, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and footballing siblings Gary and Phil Neville. The promotion to the National League this summer has already seen some shrewd signings made and there are more tipped to follow over the coming months before the start of the new season this coming August. Whatever happens, their is no doubt the little club from Salford is making some huge waves and it's future is looking bright. As it stands the bookies odds are currently as follows. Salford City 8-1 Scunthorpe United 8-1 Plymouth Argyle 9-1 Bradford city 10-1 Forest Green Rovers 12-1 Mansfield Town 12-1 Northampton Town 14-1 Carlisle United 16-1 Leyton Orient 16-1 Walsall 16-1 Colchester United 20-1 Swindon Town 20-1 Exeter City 25-1 Newport County 25-1 Oldham Athletic 25-1 Port Vale 25-1 Cambridge United 33-1 Crewe Alexandra 33-1 Stevenage 33-1 Cheltenham Town 40-1 Crawley Town 50-1 Grimsby Town 50-1 Macclesfield Town 66-1 Morecambe 80-1
  18. GMP were called out shortly before 4.40am this morning (Tuesday 18 June 2019), after reports of a collision involving a silver Chevrolet Captiva. Enquiries are currently ongoing to trace the driver who fled the scene. The vehicle was reported stolen from the Clifton area of Salford a short time before the collision happened. Police are saying that there are no reported injuries at this time. The southbound access to the A580 from Kearsley and access from the M61 southbound to the A580 remains closed. PC Phil Raymond, of GMP’s Salford district, said: Drivers travelling through Little Hulton and Walkden are being advised to find alternative routes. Anyone with information should contact police on 0161 856 6108. Reports can be made anonymously to the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
  19. New changes to the structure of Salford City Councils Mayoral Team will soon come into effect following the recent local elections. Council Stalwart Derek Antrobus will soon be stepping down from his position after 40 years of service with the organisation. Having served as Lead Member / Committee Chair since 1999 and holding the planning portfolio since 2003, City Mayor Paul Dennett thanked him for his commitment and dedication and wished him well for the future. He will remain as a Councillor until the May 2020 elections. Meanwhile Councillor John Merry will be stepping into the shoes of former children's and young peoples services leader Lisa Stone, he has agreed to formally take on the role and responsibilities and will work alongside Councillor John Walsh as the executive support for education and learning. Councillor Mike McCusker will now serve within the Mayoral Team as the new executive support for planning, housing and sustainable development, he will work alongside Councillor Antrobus and Councillor Tracy Kelly with the long term goal of fulfilling Greater Manchester's aspirations to become Carbon Neutral by the year 2038. In addition to this, tomorrow’s launch of the Greater Manchester Housing Strategy also highlights Greater Manchester’s plans to: i. Tackle poor rented housing through a Good Landlord Scheme, ii. Deliver at least 50,000 additional affordable homes by 2037, iii. Deliver a ‘Healthy Homes Service’ to help vulnerable people live safely and independently, iv. Establish a Community-Led Housing Hub to support and encourage more forms of Community-Led Housing across Greater Manchester. Other changes will see one of the new additions to Salford Council replacing Councillor Laura Edwards to become the cycling champion for the city, this is due to the outstanding work Councillor Jim Cammell has been doing with the Dadz Cycle Hub within the city and his passion for cycling. The current composition of the Mayoral Team is now currently. City Mayor, Paul Dennett Statutory Deputy City Mayor, Paula Boshell Deputy City Mayor / Lead Member for Children’s and Young People’s Services, John Merry Lead Member for Finance and Support Services, Bill Hinds Lead Member for Environment and Community Safety, David Lancaster Lead Member for Planning and Sustainable Development, Derek Antrobus Lead Member for Adult Services, Health and Wellbeing, Gina Reynolds Lead Member for Workforce and Industrial Relations, John Ferguson Lead Member for Housing and Neighbourhoods, Tracy Kelly Executive Support Member for Education and Learning, John Walsh Executive Support Member for Planning, Housing and Sustainable Development, Mike McCusker Executive Support Member for Social Care and Mental Health, Jane Hamilton Executive Support Member for Transport, Roger Jones Executive Support Member for Culture, Leisure and Sports, Stephen Coen
  20. Paul Dennet, Salford's City Mayor, has released a joint statement to the press countersigned by Councillor John Merry, Lead Member for children's and young peoples services, after learning that proposals are being put forward for a free school on the site of the former St George's RC school in Walkden. The former school shut its doors to pupils after a long dispute over the falling numbers, the school was finally mothballed in early 2013 and has laid dormant since. The new 750 place co-educational, non-faith secondary school has been given approval as a new free school project. Additionally it would seem that the council has been told it will have to lease the property to Star Academy Trust for 125 years with no premium at a peppercorn rent. The council would also be liable for all clearance works required at the site as well as any alterations or maintenance of the highways and roads needed. Paul Dennett lambasted the decision saying that neither he or the council had receive any prior advanced notice of the DfE press release, which has left the local authority with significant unanswered questions. No date has been given for the expected opening of the new school and it has not been made clear if the old building will be retained for use or if there will be a completely new build put on the site. The Mayor questioned demand for the new school due to its proximity to the existing Harrop Fold & Walkden secondary schools. He went on to say that the councils preferred option for the site would be for use in improving much needed primary school places. Meanwhile Councillor Merry has spoken of his concerns over the proposals stating that the councils position is that it will seek to use every legal means possible to prevent it. The council will mount a legal challenge if necessary. Salford Council has historically opposed the introduction of free schools and academies, citing lack of benefit to the wider community and the fragmentation of the education system they engender. They have pledged to closely monitor the situation and keep residents in the surrounding area up to date with developments. The full statement can be found bellow.
  21. In a move which TV comedy legend Ricky Tomlinson called an absolute disgrace, the Government has courted controversy after passing on the TV licence concession bill to the BBC to fund. Earlier this week the national broadcaster declared that it would employ means-testing to determine who is and who isn't eligible for a free licence under their new rules. Previously anyone aged 75 or over could apply for a concessionary licence but that is all set to change as the new rules will mean only those pensioners in receipt of pension credit will be eligible. This will result in an estimated 3 million+ elderly people losing out on their free licence once the new scheme takes effect on the 1st of Jun 2020. Pensioners groups have argued that the free licence is a lifeline for elderly people which is now being taken away despite promises by the Government in previous years that it would remain. Charity group AgeUK has said that the reforms could see over 50,000 pensioners forced into poverty as they urge the government to do a prompt u turn over the decision. Caroline Abraham's the charity director at Age UK said: A petition set up by the charity has seen over 559,000 people sign it over the past few days. The BBC has defended its position by detailing that the cost to the corporation would be approximately £745 million by 2022, a figure which could rise to over £1 billion by 2029 as the population ages. Ricky blasted the Government in a speech given at a impromptu protest rally at MediaCityUK over the weekend, he said: Now the The National Pensioners Convention has called for people to make a stand with them against the decision by the Government and the BBC bosses. A Protest will be held outside the BBC's headquarters in Salford's MediaCityUK, the home to the BBC's 5 Live, BBC Sport and Blue Peter to name but a few shows now produced in its Northern HQ. The demonstration will take place at Noon this Friday 21st June out front of the BBC building, with planned protests taking place across the country at the same time outside other regional BBC offices.
  22. Police are giving warning after a number of reports of bogus workmen targeting residential properties in both the Walkden and Boothstown areas. They are reportedly approaching householders offering to carry out refurbishment or replacement of driveways. They are described as white males ages around their late 20's - early thirties, 1 man was of medium build, wearing dark clothing and curly hair under a bob hat, he was also seen to be smoking roll ups. The other is described as also being medium build and wearing short pants and trainers. There are reports that they have been seen driving a white transit van around the areas. Both are suspected by police of carrying out fraud and false representation. This is by far the first time that fraudsters have targeted Salford in such a way, last year a couple from Weaste were duped out of money by someone claiming to work for Salix Homes. Residents are advised that if approached, they decline any offers of work and report the incident immediately to GMP via 101 or using their online chat services.
  23. Plans submitted to the Council by Silverlane were today given consent by City planners, a move which will see the construction of 272 non affordable apartments at the top end of Church Street close to the train station. As the development lies in what is considered a mid value area, there is no requirement for such to include what is termed affordable housing. The 'Vicarage Grove' apartments will be split between a 23 storey main block alongside smaller interlocking four and six-storey blocks. The ground floor will become a 7,500 sq ft commercial space to replace the current shops and the Top House pub. The development was designed by architect Jeffrey Bell who also drew up proposals for 1,500 homes at Michigan Avenue on Salford Quays on behalf of Peel Land and Property. The Quays development could rise up to 45 storeys high. Planning documents show the town hall received seven letters of opposition, compared with four supportive ones. Some residents have said that they are hoping to see the development usher in some much needed change to the former bustling area, whereas others have raised concerns about the viability of the design and impact of the building on the surrounding area. One local resident said,
  24. One of the most celebrated musicals of all time, Once will embark on its first major UK tour from January 2020, making its Greater Manchester premiere at The Lowry from Mon 22 to Sat 27 June. Tickets are currently on sale to Members of The Lowry. General on sale is 10am on Fri 21 June. Based on the critically acclaimed and much-loved film, Once tells the uplifting yet yearning story of two lost souls - a Dublin street busker and a Czech musician - who unexpectedly fall in love. Following their relationship across five short days, big changes happen to both of them in little ways. Celebrated for its original score including the Academy Award-winning song 'Falling Slowly', Once is a spell-binding and uplifting story of hopes and dreams. Once embarks on its first major UK tour after acclaimed runs on Broadway and in the West End, and having won awards across the world including the Academy Award for Best Original Song, a Grammy for Best Musical Theatre Album, eight Tony Awards and an Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement in Music. The cast will be led by Daniel Healy as Guy and Emma Lucia as Girl, who return to the roles after receiving critical and audience acclaim in the production’s premiere last year at the New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich and Queen’s Theatre, Hornchurch. Daniel Healy is a singer-songwriter, musician and actor, who has co-written songs for multi-platinum artist Ronan Keating including the single 'Breathe', which topped the BBC Radio 2 Playlist. Theatre credits include 'Backbeat' and 'Once', both in the West End. Emma Lucia made her professional debut as Marilyn and understudying Carole King in the UK Tour of 'Beautiful', before taking on the role of Girl in Once. Further casting is to be announced. Once is directed by Peter Rowe with set and costume design by Libby Watson, musical supervision by Ben Goddard, choreography by Francesca Jaynes, lighting design by Mark Dymock, sound design by James Cook, projection design by Peter Hazelwood and orchestrations by Martin Lowe. Casting is by Debbie O’Brien. Based on the cult 2007 Irish indie feature, originally shot on a micro-budget of just $160,000, Once premiered at the New York Theatre Workshop in 2011 before transferring to Broadway in 2012. There it won eight Tony Awards including Best Musical, the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Musical and the Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album. Productions have since opened all over the world, including the West End production in 2013 which received the Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement in Music. Once has a Book by award-winning Irish playwright and screenwriter Enda Walsh, and Music & Lyrics by Academy Award winning Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová who, for 'Falling Slowly', won the Oscar for Best Original Song. It is based on the motion picture Written and Directed by John Carney. The Original Production Concept is by John Tiffany, and Orchestrations are by Martin Lowe. Listings Information Once Dates: Mon 22 - Sat 27 June 2020 Box Office: 0343 208 6011 Website
  25. It has just published its first modern slavery statement setting out the actions the council will take to ensure it does not condone or support human trafficking and modern slavery in any way and how it will encourage the identification, rescue and support of victims and prosecution of those who exploit and harm them. Sixteen people from a range of organisations across Salford, including the council, have been trained to deliver training on modern slavery to help identify victims more effectively and make referrals into support. Further training will be made mandatory for all council commissioning and procurement staff. Councillor David Lancaster, lead member for environment and community safety, said: In 2015 a council officer investigating scams at an address in Eccles alerted police and helped rescue a deaf mute girl who was trafficked into the UK from Pakistan and suffered 10 years of modern slavery and abuse. The couple holding her were prosecuted and jailed. In 2018 the council unanimously backed a motion to tackle modern day slavery. Councillor Jim King who backed the motion said, The council is also tackling criminals who seek to exploit people through Salford Community Safety Partnership, which brings together the council, police and a range of other agencies to fight crime and keep the community safe. Project Gulf, set up 10 years ago to tackle serious and organised crime works to disrupt, deter and prosecute gangs and seize money under the Proceeds of Crime Act to fund community projects. The pioneering project has inspired other police forces, including London and Merseyside, to copy the model. Salford City Council also supports the Co-Operative Party Charter against Modern Slavery as part of its vision to create 'a better and fairer Salford’ by tackling poverty and inequality and ensuring the city provides opportunities for all. Anyone with concerns about modern slavery can find more information at www.modernslaveryhelpline.org or call 08000 121 700.
  26. The incident happened between 1.30am and 2am on Sunday 9 June 2019 a man in his mid-20s was waiting at a bus stop on John Dalton Street when a black Jeep approached. Inside were around three or four men, one of whom got out of the vehicle and put the man in a headlock. The offender then smashed a glass bottle into the victim’s face. The victim was taken to hospital for treatment after suffering two deep cuts to the head just above the eyes. The man described the offender as being an Asian male wearing a red or black T-shirt, approximately 6ft 2ins tall with dark hair which was long on top and short on the sides. After the attack was over, the offender got back in the black Jeep which made off from the incident along the A34 towards Salford. Anyone with any information about the assault should contact police on 0161 856 3345 quoting incident number 1656 of 12/06/19. Information can be passed on anonymously by calling the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
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