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If like me you are a vinyl junkie - a record collector for all you youngsters - and used to avidly purchase albums when they came out  hoping for the best because you have usually bought all their previous stuff, and have since winced when looking through your collection and thought, "what was I thinking?"

However salvation and succour is at hand thanks to the publication of a spiffing new book by, Manchester music legend (he must hate that expression) Ian Moss, with 100 Unhip Albums, That We Should Learn To Love.

The book blasts apart musical snobbery and reassures you that "guilty pleasures" means sod all, its just pure pleasure, so enjoy it.

There are actually 110 mini essays on albums from such artists as Bob Dylan, Edgar Broughton Band, Mungo Jerry, Nic Jones, The Kinks, The Prick Jaggers, David Essex, Queen, Fatima Mansions,Barry White, Love, Status Quo etc etc.

It is an incredibly well written and witty book which shows just how much of a musical magpie that Ian is, he writes knowledgeably about each band/artist with genuine love, humour and candour and made me think twice about certain albums lurking in my collection.

As a wet nosed kid I recall seeing Leo Sayer on the OGWT in 1973 dressed as a white faced Pierott singing these incredible songs, which made me rush to the local record shop and purchase his album, Silverbird, which was amazing, songs so sad and delicate with a voice that haunted me.

We all know what happened to Leo don't we, he became the curly mopped, all round entertainer with terrible songs and a permanent grin on his face, reader I wept and hid the album away.

However reading this book has given me a new slant on both the album,  and that it's OK to like your music, feel no shame because you purchased say,  David Essex albums, if you you liked it then, so what? put your musical snobbery to one side and wallow in the pleasure of music.

Enough from me, I urge you to seek this book out you will not be disappointed, its one of those books you can open at any page and be charmed by the writing, a real love for music shines out, still concerned about my Gary Glitter album though......

Available from Empire Publications, 1 Newton St, Manchester M1 1HW at  £9.95, yup the ideal Christmas present!



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