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Britain’s national dance company showcases its staggering range in a triple bill of works at The Lowry from Thu 28 - Sat 30 September.

What's On Guide
  • Ghost Dances returns to the repertory for the first time in 13 years
  • Greek choreographer Andonis Foniadakis creates his first work for Rambert
  • Kim Brandstrup’s National Dance Award-winning dramatic love story Transfigured Night completes the programme

Rambert’s Artistic Director Mark Baldwin said, ‘Salford and The Lowry are integral to Rambert; we love coming here. I am thrilled to present Ghost Dances as part of this carefully chosen programme, an enduring masterwork that returns to the company to move new generations of dancers and dance lovers. We also present with pride the award-winning Transfigured Night, an emotionally drenched piece that opens up a complex relationship. A world premiere from Greek choreographer Andonis Foniadakis sees him use his thrilling movement style to animate the company across the whole stage with masterful speed and dexterity.’

Originally created for Rambert in 1981, Ghost Dances is Christopher Bruce’s response to political oppression in South America, and has returned to the company’s repertory for the first time in 13 years. Ghost Dances depicts stories of love and compassion, as death – in the form of the iconic ‘ghost dancers’ – interrupts the daily lives of a series of ordinary people.

Set to Latin American folk music arranged by Nicholas Mojsiejenko, the piece makes visual reference to the Day of the Dead.  Bruce created the choreography and set design for the work, with costumes by Belinda Scarlett and lighting design by Nick Chelton. Bruce returned to Rambert to teach his choreography to the current company, which revived the work in November 2016.

Known for his technically detailed dance works full of energy and power, choreographer and director of Greek National Opera Ballet Andonis Foniadakis’s new work features a newly commissioned score from Ilan Eshkeri, a British neo-classical composer known for his film scores, concert music and artistic collaborations. Fashion designer Tassos Sofroniou creates the costumes for the work and Sakis Birbilis the lighting design.

Transfigured Night was created by double Olivier award-winning choreographer Kim Brandstrup in 2015 and won the 2016 Critic’s Circle National Dance Award for Best Modern Choreography. Acclaimed as ‘One of his finest works’ (The Guardian),Transfigured Night is loosely based on a Richard Dehmel poem and driven by composer Arnold Schoenberg’s late romantic masterpiece of the same name.

This large scale ensemble work tells the story of a pair of lovers meeting at moonlight where dark secrets threaten the foundations of their relationship. Four dancers perform intimate duets accompanied by Schoenberg’s lyrical and emotive score, while the remaining dancers form a chorus that reflects the emotional landscape of the piece. Collaborating with Brandstrup is designer Chloë Lamford and lighting designer Fabiana Piccioli.

Ghost Dances plus other works
Dates: Thu 28 - Sat 30 September
Times: 7.30pm, Fri 1.30pm*
Tickets: £12.50- £27.50

*This performance will only feature 'Ghost Dances' & 'Transfigured Night'


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