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It is with great regret that due to recent extensive rainfall, subsequent flooding and their grass field conditions, they have had to make the difficult decision to cancel this years event.

All existing ticket purchases will be refunded.

Emails will be sent to all those that purchased via Ticket Source with further details.

Refunds will take between 7-10 days to process.

Airport Staff apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and they thank you for understanding.

Edited by KARL

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    • By KARL
      With the announcement this year that due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and to protect public health and avoid breaching regulations, all public fireworks displays in Salford are now cancelled.
      This means that undoubtedly more and more people will be looking to mark the historic occasion with smaller fires and displays in their own gardens, hopefully complying with the governments rule of six stipulation for gatherings of course.
      With this in mind Salford City Council has urged people to ‘be sensible and safe’ in the run up to Bonfire Night this year after reports of young people throwing fireworks at each other.
      Emergency services are already overstretched as is and hospitals are having to deal with unprecedented pressures already, the last thing they need right now is to be treating people who have been injured by fires and fireworks.
      Councillor David Lancaster, lead member for environment and community safety, said he was concerned people would turn to displays at home without treating fireworks with the respect they deserve.
      If you are planning your own firework display at home please remember these five safety tips:
      1.         Read and follow the Firework Code to stay safe - https://www.rospa.com/home-safety/Advice/Fireworks-Safety
      2.         Only celebrate with your household in line with current COVID-19 regulations
      3.         Be considerate of neighbours and animals who may not enjoy fireworks
      4.         Remember it is illegal to let fireworks off between 11pm and 7am or to let them off or throw them in a public place
      5.         Keep pets indoors and safe
      A spokesperson for GMP confirmed they responded to reports of an incident involving fireworks in Salford.
    • By KARL
      Images taken from the air show cars filling a small layby off the A57 – making it impossible for emergency vehicles to get into the City Heliport.  .map-responsive{ overflow:hidden; padding-bottom:32.4%; position:relative; height:0; border: 2px solid #fff; background: #262e33; border-radius: 2px 2px 2px 2px; }
      If emergency vehicles cannot get to the site the police and air ambulance helicopters, which are used across the whole northwest and beyond, are not allowed to take off. 

      Now Salford City Council is asking motorists only to park in the marked bays along the left-hand side of the layby and warning that anyone who parks anywhere else in the layby risks being given a penalty charge notice of £70. 

      The next match at the stadium is on Friday, July 13 and the stadium, Salford Reds and Sale Sharks are already alerting fans via social media. 

      Councillor David Lancaster, the lead member for environment and community safety, said:

      Dave Kibblewhite, Base Manager for the National Police Air Service said;
    • By KARL
      The historic Grade II listed swing bridge which forms part of a main arterial route between Salford and Trafford, suffered a hydraulic breakdown as oil leaked from pipes causing it to be unable to swing back into the closed position.
      Roads around the area quickly got clogged up even with diversions put in place, motorists were forced to find alternative routes around to the other side of the water.
      Fortunately both pedestrians and cyclists were still allowed to cross.
      Centenary Bridge further up the canal remained operational and able to take the extra traffic, as did the motorway flyover bridge which was suffering its own traffic flow problems due to the ongoing 'smart' motorway works.
      By 12:30 pm the bridge which spans 59.3 metres (195 ft) was confirmed to be repaired and allowing traffic to cross again.
      But not before Eccles master of the photographic arts Dag Pagan managed to grab his camera and real off a few photos of it all.

      All photos supplied and given permission to use by Dag Pagan, many thanks.
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