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    Since 1 October 2020, Greater Manchester Police have seized over 20 electric scooters as part of a crackdown on their illegal use on roads, pavements, cycle lanes and other public places.

    Despite the increased popularity in the use of e-scooters, GMP officers are reminding people that current laws only allow for them to be ridden on private land with the owner's permission. E-scooters used in public places can be seized by police, and riders may be prosecuted for operating a vehicle without insurance.

    There is currently a trial ongoing in Salford in partnership with Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) and the University of Salford for the use of e-scooters. This allows for the legal use of Lime e-scooters in the designated trial area only.Inspector Steve Bryant, from GMP's Safer Transport Team, said:



    "We want to ensure that people have the right information when it comes to e-scooters, particularly as many may buy or receive them for Christmas. We are aware that not all sellers make the regulations clear at the point of sale; therefore we will continue to raise awareness so that hard working people do not waste their money on something they cannot currently use.

    "To ensure everyone is kept safe on our roads, our officers will be seizing e-scooters used illegally."



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    I appreciate people need to get from a to b but not putting others at risk. I have been caught out a couple of times in Eccles on Church Street by electric scooters moving in & out of traffic & off & on pavements.  They are silent, poor or no lights and far too fast! Wearing a hi vis jacket doesn't make you safe on one of these things unless you're going about safely.  

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    How come the police are happy to report/record this but what about the 80,000 cases that were not recorded by GMP and this is why they are in Special Mesures due to not getting priorities in the right order, the public are paying council tax for a police service that is not fit for purpose and has not been for over five years, its time for heads to roll and that goes for a lot of people at the Town Hall and not just in Manchester but Salford as well, too many hangers-on filling their own pockets with taxpayers money.

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