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    There were reports of a glowing orange object streaking through the upper atmosphere above the Pennines between Oldham, and Leeds, earlier this evening.

    The source is likely to be a meteor – space debris left over from the formation of the solar system which disintegrates as it enters the Earth's atmosphere.

    The UK Meteor Network which monitors the skies above the country for celestial visitors, reported that they had received 60 reports of the object this evening at around 9:45pm (28th Feb).

    A dull sonic boom which accompanied the object was also heard by many, the boom is generated as the space rock is torn apart by the interaction with the earths thick atmosphere which makes it heat up to the point of disintegration.




    The spectacle was seen across much of the North or England and some were lucky spectators were fortunate enough to have captured it on camera.

    John Maher was travelling home in his car when the fireball blazed across the sky in front of him. He managed to capture it on his cars dashcam, before posting it on to Twitter.



    Sam Clegg witnessed it in Leeds also managed to capture it on his CCTV camera.


    @Nikkinoop on Twitter managed to capture the extra terrestrial visitor on her Ring door camera.


    Photo: Brad Lee Caslin

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