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    Blackleach is without doubt a hidden gem nestled away in the middle of suburban Walkden. It was officially given status as a nature reserve back in 2004 and it holds a prestigious green flag award of which the local council and the amazing Salford Ranger Team are extremely proud of - and in our opinion deservedly so.

    The former industrial landscape of the old chemical works and dye factories are now but a distant memory as the site has been completely transformed from a sulphurous wasteland to a thriving ecologically diverse local treasure.

    You could travel out of Salford to find nice places but why? This city is full of them.

    This little haven in has everything you could want during any season, offering stunning views and pleasant walks around the prominent fishing lake which lies at the heart of the country park and is home to the Worsley Model Boat Club along with countless waterfowl who use it as a landing and take off strip.


    The lake is a visually beautiful stretch of water which attracts many species of wading birds throughout the year, it has become a popular place go take the kids to feed the friendly ducks, geese and swans who will be only too happy to eat any food you give them.

    The park also boasts ample woodland to explore and with easy access via the Linneyshaw loopline for cyclists and walkers, a former rail line which has been given a new lease of life as a safe off-road route. It has helped the park become even more of a popular destination to visit with better access which has really opened it up to the wider public.

    Whether its a walk with the dogs, a trip out to keep the kids occupied or even a picnic with the family - the park offers the opportunity for all. In the summer months you will regularly find local kids building dens from old branches and even trying to catch tadpoles in the shallow ponds.


    Admittedly the walking can be a little hard on the legs for some of the little ones or even some of the older big ones but there are ample places to take a seat along your travels and the all weather tracks on the main stretches are as easy under foot as they are under tyre. Orienteering markers can be found along marked routes for the more adventurous walkers.

    There are a lot of dogs who use the park but you need not worry if you are not a dog person as in general their two-legged friends are well behaved.

    Salford Council has created a little oasis of calm within a bustling part of Salford and it would be a crying shame to live in this City and never take a visit.

    You honestly don't need to venture out of Salford to find hidden beauty, we have our own.


    Getting There

    The site is easily accessible by car or bus from the A575 and links can be made with other countryside areas via the network of former railway lines which have been developed as safe, off-road footpaths and cycle routes.


    By car

    Blackleach Country Park is located just off the A575, Bolton Road between Walkden and Farnworth. Car parks are closed at dusk.

    By Train

    Blackleach Country Park is about one mile from Walkden train station (no Sunday service).

    By Bus

    Numbers: 12, 31, 36, 37, 38, 39, 68 stop in Walkden Town Centre. Blackleach is approximately half a mile up Bolton Road from the town centre.

    Numbers: 25, 552, 554, 551, 556 stop at Hill Top Road on Bolton Road just 200 metres from the country park. Visit GMPTE for more information.

    Find Out More

    The park is open 24/7 and there are events put on throughout the year, contact the local rangers team for more information via 0161 790 7746.

    Photos: SM

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