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    Bernard Mathews has confirmed the triumphant return of one of its most famous and much beloved products: The famous Turkey Twizzler.

    The twisted meat product was dropped from the company line after a campaign by rampant school dinner wrecker, Jamie Oliver.

    The celebrity chef who once owned a string of failed restaurants which went into administration with the loss of over 1000 jobs, was the driving force in removing the much loved product from the super market shelves and school dinner menu after he claimed they were bad for children's health. To be honest they kind of were and he did have a point, we still don't like him though.

    But now Bernard Mathews is relaunching the revamped product with double the turkey content of the original, lower salt, fat and sugar to make them much more healthier than before.

    The eventual goal is to see the product returned to the school canteens up and down the land.

    David Leigh, marketing director at Bernard Matthews, said:



    “We have been discussing the return of the Twizzler for some time,”

    “Obviously we'd like the product to go into schools, but for the minute, we've focused on going into what I guess you'd call mass market retail.

    "The old Turkey Twizzler had 137 kcal, while the new version contains 87 kcal.

    “If you look at our product now and let's say you compared, say, two pork sausages to two Twizzlers, there's 83 per cent more saturated fat in two average pork sausages compared to two Twizzlers,” he said.

    “So we have spent a lot of time making sure that we are delivering a healthy, a significantly healthier, product than it was before. It is very much a different product.”


    The Twizzlers will be available via supermarkets from the 20th of August, starting with Iceland.

    They will be priced at £3 for a pack of eight.

    However, food experts have raised doubts over the relaunched products nutritional claims.

    Barbara Crowther of the Children’s Food Campaign said:



    "The fact it’s taken Bernard Matthews 15 years to reformulate the Turkey Twizzler shows what a truly terrible product it used to be.

    "Doubling the turkey content still only takes it to 67-70 per cent meat content, and while it’s a healthier version of its former self, it remains an ultra-processed product.

    "We recommend sticking to fresh, whole, free-range and/or organic turkey, low-fat, high in protein and with no added sugars at all.”



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