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    A-Level & GCSE results are to be based upon teacher estimates rather than a controversial algorithm which saw many students given far lower grades than they would have gotten had they sat examinations.

    The new grades will be awarded based upon teacher estimates based upon progress and expected grades.

    This brings England inline with the rest of the UK after examinations were cancelled in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic.

    This follows outrage after up to 40% of exam results were unfairly downgraded by regulatory body Ofqual which used a formula based upon the prior grades of schools. This did not take into count the forwards progress that some schools had made on the previous year.

    The system previously used was widely condemned as it unfairly penalised some hard working students from lower achieving schools whilst benefitted those from higher achieving schools who did not do as well.

    Chair of Ofqual and Education Secretary Gavin Williams has apologised for the stress which has been caused to students.

    Meanwhile there have been calls for Mr Williams to quit.

    Upon hearing the news, Salford Mayor - Paul Dennett, said via Twitter:


    "Great that common sense has at last prevailed as government u-turns again, confirming A-Level & GCSE grades will be based on teacher assessments.

    "Our young people shouldn’t have been put through this shambles, they deserve much better at this important juncture in their lives!"

    Ministers have been put under pressure since grades were announced, the system had been described as shambolic with thousands of students marching upon London in protest.

    In the midst of the dilemma, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has headed off to Scotland for a summer holiday, leaving Mr Williams to face the public.

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