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The Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police has said he would not support proposals to reduce the speed tolerance levels for drivers.

Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable, Ian Hopkins, has spoken out after it was claimed that people may potentially be fined for going 1mph over the speed limit.

The move has been slammed by motorists and some MP's as being utter stupidity with some questioning if those in charge are actually living in the real world.

Mr Hopkins was one of the Chief Constables to speak against any plans to reduce the tolerance levels at National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC).

He said:



“We all want our roads across Greater Manchester to be safe and to prevent deaths on our roads. Any loss of life on our roads is awful which is why we are looking at a package of measures with agencies to make roads safer.

“The NPCC is looking at the whole issue and not just tolerance levels and I support that. To be clear, I have no intention of lowering thresholds for speeding in Greater Manchester.

“Travelling around Greater Manchester is already challenging. Congestion is amongst the worst in the country and average speeds on our motorways are around 47mph. The train network is facing huge challenges which can force more people onto the roads.

“Hitting motorists with a reduction in the tolerance levels would mean many more of them being fined creating further misery for them.

“Police resources are already stretched and we have to prioritise the most serious incidents and those where someone is vulnerable or at risk. In light of this situation to put such a sharp focus on targeting motorists, when we are struggling to reach many incidents, could alienate people. We have lost 2,000 officers in recent years and would not divert resources into dealing with motorists travelling at 1 or 2mph above the speed limit.”


GMP remains committed to reducing deaths and serious injuries on the roads. Around 50 people a year lose their lives on the roads of Greater Manchester, a figure that has been at the same level for the last five years.


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