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Work is continuing on the development of a programme of works to replace cladding on nine high rise blocks in Pendleton, Salford.

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The Department for Communities and Local Government has now informed Salford City Council that the cladding and insulation system used at the nine Pendleton blocks has failed their latest tests.

Works have been carefully taking place to remove the aluminium composite material cladding in Pendleton since 23 June.

Deputy Mayor Councillor John Merry said:



 “I cannot emphasise enough that the priority for the council is the safety of our residents.

“We had prepared in advance for the test results and Pendleton Together, which is  johnmerry.jpgresponsible for managing the Pendleton blocks, is already undertaking works to remove and replace the cladding system. We are focusing on doing what it takes to make the buildings safe and decisive steps have been taken to progress a permanent solution.

“Residents need and deserve this reassurance. We are fully committed to ensuring that our buildings meet the highest standards, continuing the commitment to develop a vibrant, attractive neighbourhood.

 “Until the permanent solution is confirmed, the insulation is being protected from the weather with cement boards. This is a temporary measure recommended by technical advisors.

"Testing has been arranged in August to ensure that the permanent replacement meets the necessary safety standards.

"In the meantime, we will continue to work closely with Pendleton Together and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service and will implement any further measures recommended in respect of fire safety. We will also respond to any recommendations that emerge from the Grenfell Tower investigation.”





Steve Close, Chief Executive of Together Housing (parent company of Pendleton Together), said



“We are testing alternative solutions to the current cladding and insulation system.

"As soon as this has been completed we will act quickly in carrying out remedial works to each block. We have put additional fire safety measures in place and continue to communicate with all residents on a weekly basis, keeping them up to date on fire safety related matters. The safety of our residents remains our absolute priority.

“Residents are encouraged to contact us with any queries via our dedicated email address at firesafety@pendletontogether.co.uk or via social media such as Twitter or Facebook. Or residents can call us on 0300 555 5567 or visit our office on Loganberry Avenue.”



Pendleton Together is regularly updating residents on the progress and safety measures that have been put in place. As precautionary safeguards additional steps have been taken to ensure tenant safety whilst this essential work continues.

This includes 24/7 fire marshal patrols who monitor the internal and external areas of all the nine blocks to identify any hazards and take relevant action immediately. 

An updated fire safety policy which changed the ‘Stay Put’ policy to an evacuation procedure in the event of fire.

Increased contact with vulnerable residents and joint home visits with GMFRS.

Equipping fire marshals with sirens to raise the alarm if required in the event of fire and works to make alarms audible.

A series of continuing checks within flats and communal areas – all repairs identified are being actioned.

Daily refuse collections and regular letters and drop-ins for residents to provide information with personal appointments available to anyone who needs them.


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