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Simon Williams, author, poet, charity fundraiser, radio DJ and now a songwriter has turned his talents to penning six songs on a new CD, "Winds of Salford" and it has to be said he talks and writes in the voice of the streets he grew up in and still lives in.

We met up with him and he told us how it came about:



"The covid lockdown affected me badly in quite a few ways, I was due to perform some of my poetry at the 40th Anniversary of St Anthony's Heritage centre in Trafford Park, I was invited by Vincent Sheedy and Paul Frost who had heard my stuff and were presumably impressed, sadly that gig was cancelled along with the Wigan Diggers Festival this year which I was really looking forward to playing.

"I decided to write some songs and sent them off to Paul and Vincent who sprinkled their musical, magic on it and I am delighted with the finished product, and the strangest thing is, I have never met them and yet we somehow click".


As can be imagined coming from a man who has a passion for his place of birth. the songs are a love song to growing up, working, falling in love, passion, heartbreak and memories of life in Salford and can't be faulted.

There is one standout track for me, "Homeless" a collaboration with Vincent and Paul which pulls no punches and was almost used in a television documentary this year, once again the covid curse struck.

So ten tracks in total which provides a nice blend of Simon, Vincent and Paul's lyrics and an easy listening musical backup, hats doffed to everybody concerned.

Simon has had an initial 100 copies run off and has so far sold 70 copies, on it's first day of release, which is some going and if you would like to purchase a copy.

The cost of the CD is £5. and if Simon says so himself, it's ideal for a Christmas stocking filler, or for exiled Salfordians, missing 'The Winds of Salford'.

You can buy the CD, at

TGI VAPOURS 524 Liverpool Road Eccles near the little Adsa

TGI VAPOURS 38 b Market Street Heywood OL10 4LY

or Jill Bowyer at Salford City Radio.

Failing that contact Simon on Facebook and he will do the rest.


All profits of the CD, will go to our local radio station Salford City Radio 97.4FM, a community radio station that both Simon and salford.media are huge supporters of.

However here at salford.media we have a copy of Winds Of Salford which can be yours by answering this simple question:

Which radio station will not give Karl and Tony their own show?

Send your answer to SOL comments Facebook page and the first one one drawn out of our fabled lucky hat will be the winner, Winner will be announced on Saturday at 11 am.



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    • By KARL
      LS Lowry could have easily painted pretty landscapes but instead he chose to paint what he saw, and that is without a doubt the most defining trait of Salford, we say it how it is, we tell it how it is and we keep it real.
      So with that same spirit in heart, add local wordsmith Simon Williams to that list, he has put pen to paper to recall a vision of a Salford he witnessed himself as he grew up here, a Salford that for many is long gone, all but existing in memories.
      The perfectly titled book 'My Salford: Poems From The Heart' is a collection of 40 poems that are utterly unique to us, the people of Salford and as we all know the pope is a salfordian and he endores it.
      Each poem is a vivid recollection of events which have shaped our City as well as Simons life, from the gritty memories of the 'scabs' who walked through the doors during the miners strikes to a nostalgic poetical walk down Langworthy Road and remembrance of this once bustling high street.
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      Never forgetting his roots 'My Salford' is available for free on Kindle as Simon is aware how cash strapped this City is, but for those who have a few quid extra there is an old school paperback physical copy available for your personal library it is just a measly £4.82 via Amazon. It is well worth investing in as this is one of those books that in future years will be a Salford bible. Well after all, the Pope is a Salfordian.
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