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When we saw a Born and Bred Salford Lad, with a simple dream of putting Salford at the top of the UK Christmas Charts whilst making some much needed cash for Macmillan Cancer Care how could we not scream and shout about it from the rooftops?

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THE Local Legend that is Dave 'Shinny' Davenport has created what what is set to be undoubtedly an all time Christmas classic, it's just so ruddy good it screams Merry Christmas at you from every direction with its chirstmas sleigh bell's, trumpets and classic 'Shinny Vocals'.

At a time when the music charts are oversaturated with autotuned boy bands, teeny bopper girl groups & the usual manufactured tat that Simon Cowell spits out annually, its a refreshing change to hear something different, something that reminds you of the good old days, something that brings back all those memories of when the race to xMas number one was something we could all look forward too.

A time when to get to the top of the charts you didn't have to put yourself up in front of the nation on Telly and make an absolute MORON of yourself, YES we are talking to YOU Honey G...

What we want. NO!, what we NEED is something better and you don't get much better than this as its like being smacked in the face with a nostalgia brick that takes you back to a time before the commercial pop nonsense ever existed, and its all good fun.

Whats more is its making money for a fantastic charity and not filling the pockets of an already mega rich millionaire so he can buy himself yet another yacht.

The proceeds from this song will go to a far far better cause and so we are asking that not only the people of the great Northern Power House of Salford get behind this but also every single one of us up and down the land that remembers a time before the charts were hijacked by the music industry and all of our fun taken away.

So get pre ordering NOW and lets help Shinny make a stand for us all and save Christmas Number One's.

Cos for god sake the thought of Honey G on the top spot this christmas just doesn't bare thinking about.

Pre Order On iTunes

Please join the group all in aid of Macmillan cancer care. Almost at 80000 followers already but he needs more!! 

Facebook Group

So Salford you KNOW what you have to do, make it so.


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