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Salford is paying tribute to all those who served, suffered and fell in World War One with giant poppies, plants and promises never to forget.

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Giant poppy banners, with the message Battle’s Over have gone up outside Salford Civic Centre to help mark the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One.

And in Walkden veterans’ support group Shoulder to Soldier plan to create a new allotment and community garden for all ex-service personnel and the community to share. The land is being provided by housing association Salix Homes and Salford City Council will help fund a memorial stone to be placed there.

Meanwhile, if you have not already sone so, you can pick up a poppy this weekend if you are out and about around the Tesco in Pendleton, Cadets from Salford ACF will be stationed there and selling "Official" poppies again.

There have been reports of unscrupulous sellers callously cashing in by selling unofficial poppies so to ensure your money goes to the right place please give them a visit and pick one up from them. They will be there from around 8am til 5pm.

Councillor Margaret Morris and Councillor Barry Warner, the council’s veterans’ champions said this year’s remembrance services would have extra significance 100 years after the end of World War One.

Councillor Morris said:


“Back in 1918 there were bitter-sweet celebrations. Joy and relief that the war was finally over but grief and sorrow for those who would never come home or whose lives had been horribly changed by their experiences."

Councillor Warner added:


“Salford men played a huge part in the conflict and around 650 of them died on the first day of the Battle of the Somme alone. We will never forget their bravery and sacrifice, just as we will never cease to remember and thank all the service men and women who have served in wars and conflicts since and continue to work to keep the world a safer place.”

Linda Fisher from Shoulder to Soldier, which was formed in 2017 to support serving and ex-forces personnel, said the allotment and community garden would help people make new friends and enjoy a new interest.

The plot of land earmarked for the project on Linnyshaw Close has stood empty for several years.

Liam Turner, environmental services manager at Salix Homes, said:



“Salix Homes is very proud to support Shoulder to Soldier to provide a community allotment and garden for military veterans.

“Ex-servicemen and women can often feel very isolated after leaving the forces. They sacrifice a lot and lose friends and comrades along the way, so we hope this allotment and garden space will provide a safe haven where they can socialise and reconnect with the armed forces community.  

“The land is currently unused and overgrown, so we look forward to seeing it brought back into use in the future for such a worthwhile cause.”


Lest we forget

Salford’s Remembrance Sunday services will take place on Sunday November 11,

The Ceremonial Mayor Councillor Ronnie Wilson will lay a wreath on behalf of the city and representatives from the Royal British Legion will form an honour guard and lay wreaths for the fallen at the Swinton cenotaph.

The remembrance services are:

Salford – The Cenotaph, Albert Bentley Place, The Crescent, Salford
Assemble at Albert Bentley Place at 10.30am
Service and wreath laying begins at 10.45am

Swinton – The Cenotaph, Salford Civic Centre, Chorley Road, Swinton
Parade assembles at Morrisons, Swinton Hall Road, Swinton at 10.10am. Parade leaves at 10.25am
Service and wreath laying begins at 10.50am

Eccles – The Cenotaph, Church Street, Eccles
Parade assembles at the car park at the back of Eccles Town Hall, Church Street, Eccles at 10.30am
Service and wreath laying begins at 10.50am


Walkden and Worsley – The Cenotaph, Parr Fold Park, Walkden Road, Walkden
Parade assembles at Walkden British Legion, Wilfred Road, Walkden at 9.20am
Church Service at St Paul’s CE, Manchester Road, Walkden at 10am
Wreath laying begins at 10.50am


Irlam and Cadishead – The Cenotaph, Princes Park, Liverpool Road, Irlam
Parade assembles at Irlam Catholic Club, Liverpool Road, Irlam at 10.20am
Service and wreath laying begins at 10.50am


Little Hulton – The Cenotaph, St Paul’s Church, Peel Lane, Little Hulton
Service and wreath laying at 10.30am.


Members of the public will also be invited to lay wreaths by the clergy conducting the service.


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