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    Animal Lovers are once more set to protest outside Dogs4Us this coming Sunday 20th November at 1pm, as MP's are to demand new laws to put an end to the barbaric trade in farmed puppies later this week. The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs committee will seek a ban on the sale of puppies by pet shops and online deals.

    This comes as the 'industry' in farmed puppies has been put under the spotlight this year after an investigation by the BBC, which came after a previous investigation in 2009 by Sky News who ran a report which drew attention to the mass breeding of pedigree pups on an industrial scale, pups which are then sold on via pet shops around the UK as well as online.

    The report highlighted the horrific conditions that both mothers and pups were living in and called for the government to do something about it.

    During the investigation Dogs4Us were named and alleged to be one of the pet shops being supplied by Maes Brynn in Caernarfonshire, Wales, just one of several farms which were also alleged to have been supplying the company. Dogs4Us responded in a statement saying that all pups they purchase come from registered and licensed breeders whose premises are inspected by local authorities.

    Warning: Some of the scenes in the videos bellow are distressing so we advise you to please not view them if they will upset you.


    Scroll forward to May 2016 and once more Dogs4Us are back in the public eye again as the BBC's Panorama took up the case once more and pushed the investigation even further with heart breaking results.

    As part of the show reporters made a visit under cover of darkness to one farm in Ireland where reporters discovered Sickening scenes of puppies and their mothers bound for Britain's pet shops locked up in tiny wooden crates like battery hens.

    The investigation focused on the business of Mr Eric Hale who ran a farm in Co Armagh, Ireland, during which dogs were found living in filthy conditions, with no suitable bedding; sawdust in food and water; dogs giving birth in boxes; no disease control and no ventilation or sunlight available.

    Many of the dogs in the program can only be described as 'puppy conveyor belts' as their sole purpose in life is to produce as many litters as possible.

    Mr Hale was licenced by the local authority and as one of the largest dog breeders in the country had over 120 breeding bitches on site, many of which were transported on the night ferry over to Britain and then transported across the country to as far north as Scotland to be sold to dealers.

    Many of those animals were later sold on via internet trading sites and via pet shops. Huge profits can be made as demand for pups is at an all-time high and much sought after breeds can bring in huge profits for all involved. One single breeding bitch can produce litters worth tens of thousands of pounds over their sad life time.


    Dogs4Us dispute claims made in the program and issued a statement saying that all their pups come from reputable dealers and all parent animals are on record and are traceable.   Their website also states that the company purchases from licensed breeders, it has announced and unannounced inspections, and that it is licensed to sell puppies.

    Dogs4Us slammed the links with puppy farming as “utter nonsense”.

    A statement that appeared on their website read.



    “We feel at Dogs 4 Us that it is time to set the record straight in relation to various pet forums that have sprung up on the internet.

    “This very small percentage of people in the U.K. who are trying to discredit our good name by linking us with puppy farms. This is utter nonsense and does not represent what Dogs 4 Us is all about.

    “We pride ourselves on the customer service we offer. Many customers are so pleased with the service they receive they come back again and again, they also recommend us to their family and friends. We have also had quite a few celebrity customers too!”



    One of those protesting is Nicola Robinson a former employee of Dogs 4 Us for four years, working her way up to deputy store manager left acrimoniously in 2012 after a dispute with other members of staff.

    She said she quit after seeing the conditions the puppies were being subjected to and how the store took in pups from dealers at younger than eight weeks – too young to be transported under UK law.


    'Many a times I’ve sat in the back cradling a dog while the dog’s dying', she said.


    In the program she presented evidence of illnesses and complaints by customers of the store.


    The protest on Sunday is just one of many that have been staged over the past year and campaigners vow to keep on campaigning until the puppy farming trade is put out of business and banned for good.

    We will leave it to your own judgement but in my opinion in general this kind of trade should be banned and shut down immediately, sadly the sale of puppies in pet shops remains legal.

    We have included some links below for further reading/viewing...






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