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After what can only be described as the most idiotic roll out of a bicycle rental scheme in the whole of human history, Mobike has once again moved back into Salford, or rather expanded its allowed parking zone to cover a slightly larger portion of our fair city. 

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The app based scheme which launched in June had previously encouraged people to use the bikes then dump them at the side of the road so others could use them, it was sensationally withdrawn last month due to an unforeseen foreseeable snag in the plan, idiotic brainless Vandalism!

Many bikes were set on fire, spray painted in gaudy colours in pathetic attempts to disguise the distinctive and iconic design as normal bikes, or simply dumped into rivers and canals and in one case, dropped from the top of a block of flats without a parachute or a big net.


So after a quick rethink they have now expanded the 6km stretch of area of Salford they had retreated to and now a few more areas of Salford are once more 'In The Zone'.Mobike-new-20km-squared-parking-zone.jpg

It can't but be helped noticing that the areas added include the affluent Salford Quays / Media City and the areas around Salford Uni. Other areas of Salford can apparently go swim, as many of their bikes did over the summer.

If the scheme will ever expand to once more cover the whole of Salford, we wait and see, I have to admit though it would be nice to see them back as despite the vandalism they did provide a relatively cheap alternative to travel around the City, its just a shame that those wanting to use them will now have to return them to the allowed drop off areas, which if we are being honest kind of defeats the point and object of the whole thing.

As always in Salford it is a minority that spoil things for the majority.

Our suggestion would be for Mobike to install specific locations around the wider areas whereupon bikes can be returned after use. Smaller zones dotted around would make sense, bikes could be returned to secure spots and everyone would be happy.

So we wish the company all the best in this reboot, we hope they have learned from their mistakes and also that they stick around as when it was going well it was going really well. It was nice over summer to see people using them responsibly and it would be a shame if Salford was to lose that.




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