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For the past three evenings there have been reports of a large number of teenage youths (13-15) who are acting dangerously and antisocially around the Height.

Local News

The large group said to number between 40-50 have been engaging in anti-social behaviour, intimidating locals and bringing traffic chaos to the area with their antics. They are said to be using the local Aldi car park as a meeting place.

One lady from nearby Langworthy, who asked not to be named, told us that she was pulling out from the car park at the local Aldi store, whereupon a young boy on a bike shot out in front of her pulling a wheelie, had she not stopped in time they would have collided. Her 75-year-old mother was in the car and she was hurt by the seat-belt as the car came to an abrupt and unexpected stop.

As she turned right onto Bolton road, another youth proceeded to pull a wheelie along side her car whilst shouting obscenities at her.

Another local man who also asked not to be identified because of fears of reprisals, told us that he challenged one youth who had scraped along his car with his bike, he quickly became surrounded by between ten to fifteen youths who were acting aggressively towards him. After threatening to call the police he was called a 'Nonce' by one young girl and another young boy threatened to return to 'Brick his car windows'.

There have been other reports on Facebook of youths flying around corners on bikes and on a number of occasions clipping pedestrians.

This kind of reckless behaviour has risen across the whole UK, with teens uploading videos of themselves pulling wheelies and disrupting traffic on busy roads to Youtube.

One such Youtuber from London known as Wheelie Kay has caused outrage after a number of videos of both he and his friends went viral as they rode through a supermarket. He uploads videos of their dangerous antics to his channel which has over ninety thousand subscribers.

We are being told that police have been called out for the past three evenings to deal with the anti-social behaviour.

Parents are being asked to tell their children that such behaviour will not be tolerated.


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